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Do You Want to Really Understand What We Face With This Trump/Pence Regime? And Do You Want to Share That With Others? Here’s How to Do Both

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Stay tuned to revcom this week for reports on responses to Bob Avakian’s filmed speech, THE TRUMP/PENCE REGIME MUST GO! In The Name of Humanity, We REFUSE To Accept a Fascist America, A Better World IS Possible. And take the film out to everywhere people are standing up against the attacks on the DACA youth and all immigrants!


How serious a threat does the Trump/Pence regime pose to humanity? Could fascism really happen here?

What is the character of the regime—is it fascist, and if it is, what are the implications?

What are the roots of this regime? Is it a terrible aberration, “more of the same”... or something different still?

What must be done to stop it? How?

Is a better world possible?

These questions, whether spoken or implicit, lie at the bottom of nearly every political debate and discussion today. Bob Avakian, in his filmed talk on the Trump/Pence regime, addresses those questions from the loftiest possible level with a penetrating scientific approach, and with a depth of compassion and breadth of humanity that is unique.

If even some of the millions now agonizing over these questions could be exposed to this talk, if even thousands could grapple with it deeply, it would make a huge difference in how people understand what they face in this regime, and in the kinds of possibilities that they could become alive to. It could begin to change the whole equation.

The problem is that far too few people have even heard of this film—THE TRUMP/PENCE REGIME MUST GO! In The Name of Humanity, We REFUSE To Accept a Fascist America, A Better World IS Possible―let alone have watched it. So right now, today, revcom is calling on you to watch the talk if you haven’t already seen it, to return to it if you have, and to be part of spreading this around everywhere.

Spreading This Talk

You can spread this by working with people from the Revolution Clubs, or from Refuse Fascism, or The Bob Avakian Institute—all of which are organizing to get this projected way out there. Or you can do this yourself. However you decide, check out this site because we’re going to be highlighting experiences and insights from people as this develops.

One big thing: social media. This will be the main way that this talk ends up reaching far and wide—so whatever connections, participation, and ideas people have on this would be important. People should post this, tweet it, Instagram it, etc.

When you take this film out, a lot of people are gonna really resonate with a lot of it, and some are gonna have disagreements. Everybody’s probably gonna have questions and things they don’t understand—as well as insights and ideas to learn from. You don’t have to be able to answer every question that comes up—in fact, the very best thing to do with this talk from BA is to let it do the work.

That goes for those who are totally new to things, as well as those who have been part of the movement for a long time. Take people back to what’s in the talk; be familiar with the Questions and Answers, and take people to those when they come up (and even when they don’t come up, be sure to let people know about this part of the talk). Even if you’ve only seen the talk once, you can begin to do this—you can get going on this, and the more you watch it with people, the more you’re gonna be getting depths and insight that you can’t get on just one viewing. This is a process of discovery that you’re sharing with people. Go here to read about the response of one woman to this talk and you can get the idea.

Some people will just want to digest it and think it over. They may or may not spread it through social media or talk to friends about it... but whatever they do or don’t do immediately, it’ll be circulating in their minds as things continue to develop. Don’t underestimate the importance of that. Others are going to want to get active in Refuse Fascism—make sure that they have a way to do that. Try to find a way to stay in touch, even with those who are “too busy” right now to get active.

Still others, including a lot of those still “digesting” as well as those wanting to get active right now, are going to want to know—and should know—about what else BA has done. There should be copies available—and up on walls, where possible and appropriate—of BA’s other writings on the regime.

And everyone should know that BA is the most radical revolutionary in the world, the architect of a new communism, and they should be able to learn about and pursue his works on that. You can take them to or, or you can have with you other key things that go further into the same topic and that get into the revolution he mentions, but does not go deeply into, in the talk. Even if you yourself are just learning about BA for the first time and sorting out your thinking, you can take others to these websites and let them know how they too can pursue this.

Right now a major crisis looms around the DACA program and immigration more generally. People are agonizing over the mass shootings and outraged over the regime’s insistence on shoring up the fascist NRA. People are interrogating and fighting to transform a culture of misogyny with a molester-in-chief at the head and a Christian fascist movement packing the courts and the government as a whole. The threat of war simmers ominously in the background, ready to erupt to the front at any time. Meanwhile, there are indictments, investigations, and infighting at the top—but what will come of them?

In this fraught situation, this talk must get heard.

This coming week will see a particular push on key college campuses. In the face of everything we just mentioned, including ferment on these campuses themselves over these issues and more, this is a part of society that MUST get exposed to this analysis and to this leader. What the students do or do not do, including in this next period, could be decisive to what happens with this regime... with all the stakes that involves.

Help that to happen. And stay in touch.


At the Revolution Club Organizing Center: Watching the BA Film...and Getting Involved in Spreading It

From the Revolution Club, Chicago

Out and about, a postering team ran into a woman who was interested in the new talk by Bob Avakian, THE TRUMP/PENCE REGIME MUST GO! In The Name of Humanity, We REFUSE To Accept a Fascist America, A Better World IS Possible. She came down the block right into the Revolution Club Organizing Center and we learned, when introducing Revolution newspaper, that she remembered getting it in the past but now relied heavily on coverage and analysis of what’s going on by watching The Young Turks. Then we got right into watching the full talk. At the end she clapped along with the clapping heard on the audio, smiling. When asked what she thought about it, she said BA gave such a detailed explanation of fascism. She liked that he used the facts to build the argument that this is fascism and how we ended up here. She said most people don’t know this is what it is. And she liked that BA also got into how we can do something about it. She also spoke about how she knew about slavery but not like that.

We told her about the campaign to really get thousands to see the film and asked if she could contribute to making that happen herself. We talked about ways she could spread the film, including on social media, which she said was one way she keeps up on what’s going on and one way she could spread the film by posting the video, and she mentioned a spot right down the street that looked like a regular fast food joint and spoke of some professionals who eat lunch and hang out there sometimes; all as she gathered materials to spread the film herself, a copy of Revolution newspaper to learn more, and a calendar flyer about upcoming events, including more film showings at the center. When she left we made sure to have a way to stay in touch and that we would call soon to touch base and follow up. [back]


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