Message to Student Walkouts: This nightmare must end! Rise up and change the world

March 14, 2018 | Revolution Newspaper |


To all students and young people who are lifting your heads, disrupting your normal routines to call out a great horror and hold those in power accountable, we stand with you. It’s truly horrifying that we live in a society where mass shootings are routine occurrences, and it is righteous that we are demanding change. The world needs even more students standing upstanding up to the authorities, standing up to the politicians who pretend nothing’s wrong, standing up to those who offer “thoughts and prayers” and tell us to wait, to duck our heads and patiently go along with this…standing up and taking to the streets, walking out and refusing business as usual…for ourselves and for students across the country.

At the same time, it is critical that we broaden our scope and take even greater responsibility. The heart-wrenching truth is that we’re coming of age in a time of unparalleled danger. We’re now living under the fascist Trump/Pence regime. We don’t use the word “fascist” as an insult or exaggeration; we use it to describe the reality of what they’re imposing on this country and the world.

Vicious white supremacy…anti-Muslim bigotry…mass deportations and ICE raids…families torn apart, children watching in horror as their parents are torn away from them…attacks on women and LGBTQ people…accelerated destruction of our beautiful environment…And while we sit in our classrooms in fear that someone will open fire, millions of kids just like us in North & South Korea sit in terror, wondering if they’ll be incinerated by a U.S. nuclear bomb at any moment. Children in Yemen and Syria can’t even dream of going to school, as they are bombed and starved by U.S. coalitions, dying of malnutrition and cholera at extremely alarming rates. This is only the beginning of the devastation a fascist America will bring to this planet.

When those in power tried to write the Parkland massacre off as just another mass shooting, students answered NO. Students drew a line and made clear that we are not going to allow shootings to be “normal” anymore. Now we need to do the same thing in challenging the legitimacy of the Trump/Pence regime because we can’t and we won’t allow ourselves to become normalized to fascism.The future is a true nightmare if this regime is not stopped and ONLY the people, rising up in mass sustained nonviolent protest, can stop this nightmare by driving this regime from power. That is what is all about, and we call on you:

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  • Get involved with us as we take up this fight…not just for ourselves but in the name of humanity. As young people, we didn’t create this mess, but we do have a crucial role to play in solving it. Students and young people have always played a critical role in every major movement for justice and positive change. This is needed now more than ever. Join us!

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