With a “war cabinet” being assembled and “Trump unchained”...

March 26, 2018 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


Trump’s shakeup of his cabinet and top advisers this past week—which is nothing but the further consolidation and sharpening of his fascist thrust in an even more directly threatening way—has both ratcheted up and served to underscore the grave danger humanity faces. At the same time there is a widespread agony and turmoil about the direction and future of society.

What is the danger posed by this regime? How serious is it, for real? Where does it come from? What are its roots, its causes, its underlying dynamics? And what is—and is not—the path to stopping it? These are the questions that Bob Avakian (BA) concisely, compellingly, and courageously confronts in his filmed speech from this fall. In a time of darkness closing in, this speech shines a light; in a time of illusions being fanned and clung to, this speech tells the truth; and in a time when people are also, so importantly, beginning to lift their heads, BA points a clear direction. It’s past time to stop wondering about “other people” and what they will or will not do—people who may have turned their heads a week ago can be won to listen tomorrow.

The world that people knew and accustomed themselves to—for better or worse—is going out of existence. What is coming is uglier by an order of magnitude. What is coming maniacally risks the very future of humanity. But there is a real analysis, a real solution, and a real path to a future worth living―all indicated here. The clock is ticking but it is NOT too late. Take this speech, watch it again, by yourself and with others, and get it out. Thousands and tens of thousands getting this message will make all the difference.



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