“Fascism on the March” Opens Up Debate—and an Avenue for Sharing BA’s Talk Widely

April 9, 2018 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


Fascism on The March—Will We Stop Trump Before It’s Too Late?” That’s the headline of former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright’s article on the front page of the April 8 New York Times Sunday Review section, and it’s sounding an alarm and kicking off much debate and commentary, including among many who are genuinely concerned about the Trump/Pence regime.

Madeleine Albright was Bill Clinton’s UN ambassador when she said on “60 Minutes” that it was worth killing 500,000 Iraqi children to advance the interests of the U.S. empire. She is a war criminal. When she sounds an alarm like this, that tells us how much of a rupture the Trump/Pence regime is from what has been a ruling class consensus. It tells us how dangerous and reckless sections of these rulers view the regime. It tells us how deep the splits among those on top potentially are.

People like Albright see this from the vantage point of those who rule over billions, subjecting them to grinding exploitation and terrible oppression. From those interests, they open up debate among millions and tens of millions.

Those millions must hear from someone who speaks for humanity as a whole. There is an urgent need for the film of Bob Avakian’s powerful talk, THE TRUMP/PENCE REGIME MUST GO! In The Name of Humanity, We REFUSE To Accept a Fascist America, A Better World IS Possible to become a point of reference in this discussion. Like nothing else out there, this talk scientifically digs into the roots and nature of the Trump/Pence regime, and answers the question—what can and must be done to stop Trump before it’s too late?

The Trump/Pence regime is bringing the world to the brink of nuclear war as a key element of an overall fascist remaking of society. Albright wants to go back to the world of imperialist war and the vicious exploitation of the world’s people and planet. BA is leading a movement for an actual revolution for a radically different future—for a far better world on the road to human emancipation.

In understanding and entering the debate over Albright’s op-ed and new book—Fascism: A Warning—and spreading the film of the talk by Bob Avakian, the following from revcom.us is important to keep in mind:

The Democrats, along with the New York Times and the Washington Post, etc., are seeking to resolve the crisis with the Trump presidency on the terms of this system, and in the interests of the ruling class of this system, which they represent. We, the masses of people, must go all out, and mobilize ourselves in the millions, to resolve this in our interests, in the interests of humanity, which are fundamentally different from and opposed to those of the ruling class.

This, of course, does not mean that the struggle among the powers that be is irrelevant or unimportant; rather, the way to understand and approach this (and this is a point that must also be repeatedly driven home to people, including through necessary struggle, waged well) is in terms of how it relates to, and what openings it can provide for, “the struggle from below”—for the mobilization of masses of people around the demand that the whole regime must go, because of its fascist nature and actions and what the stakes are for humanity.

So widely spread THE TRUMP/PENCE REGIME MUST GO! In The Name of Humanity, We REFUSE To Accept a Fascist America. A Better World IS Possible, including online and at book readings that Albright is doing around the country. On Twitter, follow and share tweets from @tuneintorevcom, and correspond with revolution.reports@yahoo.com about your experiences.



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