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If Trump Fires Mueller, Into the Streets & Don’t Go Home!

April 9, 2018 | Revolution Newspaper |



Trump threatens to fire Mueller—should he do so, it will be a moment that will further test whether or not people in this country are willing to go down the road towards a fascist America. That must not happen.

Today, Donald Trump lashed out and escalated the threat to fire Special Counsel Mueller. Seated at a table with his war cabinet, flanked by Vice President Pence and National Security Advisor Bolton, Trump began fuming and ranting about the FBI raid of the offices of Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen. After Trump railed against what he calls a “witch hunt” he was asked about firing Mueller, and replied “we’ll see, it’s a disgrace… a lot of people have told me I should fire Mueller.”

Trump firing Mueller, or firing Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein in order to get to Mueller, would be an egregious violation and attack on the rule of law. It would be an outrageous and ominous assertion that Trump and this regime is above the law. Further consolidating and concentrating power in the hands of the executive branch – in the person of the president – would be another major step towards fascism.

If Mueller is fired, everyone should take to the streets immediately and not go home. Set a time and place and get the word out so everyone knows where to go if Mueller is fired. Protest should continue every day. Should people only vent once to make a statement and then concede that Trump can do what he wants, that will represent a conceding to an acceptance of the unacceptable.

We must raise loud and clear the single demand — The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go! Refuse Fascism will be out in the streets helping to organize and deepen the determination of the people to make clear that we are not going to accept a fascist America, and will reach out to all those who have been living this nightmare to step up and join these protests.

On Wednesday April 11, is making a major announcement via livestream online and at meetings in local areas, highlighting a new Call to Action and the plan for driving out this fascist Trump/Pence Regime. Meetings of chapters and local groups are gathering to watch this livestream message and Call, and get our plans in gear for making this real. Tune in wherever you are, join in the discussion and get involved. The time to act is now!




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