Prisoners Write on Bob Avakian and the Emancipation of Humanity

April 23, 2018 | Revolution Newspaper |


Revolution receives many letters from prisoners writing on a range of topics. The following are excerpts from letters from prisoners writing about Bob Avakian and communist revolution.

“Brother Bob Avakian and the Revolutionary Communist Party has, theoretically and practically, taken responsibility for leading the Revolution”

The study of science and the study of life through science (also philosophy) especially that of evolution, has taught me the true origins of creation and that of life and the interconnectivity of all of life. And to respect and appreciate the rich diversity of life and its multi-beautiful expressions. It has taught me that all of life is related through a long line of related ancestors. That all of life can be traced back to a line of common ancestors. It has taught me that all of life is connected through a web of interdependence. That no life exists of its own and isolated from the rest of life. That each life is dependent on other life for its very existence.

As a consequence of this interdependence when life is being destroyed especially when whole groups of species, plants, etc. are forced into extinction and/or the natural habitats are destroyed or/and damage is being done to the air and water quality and supply the effects are felt throughout the whole of life. It’s like Brother Amos Wilson once said “certain actions are like causing a stone to fall into a lake, the ripples are felt far and wide effecting generation after generation yet to be born”. History bears witness to this—It’s literally historical facticity.

There has been actions taken by the ruling class in the remote past that, even today, continue to affect individual groups and humynity as a whole. There are actions being taken today by the capitalist-imperialist ruling class of the United Snakes of AmeriKKKa that, while being felt immediately, the ripples will also be felt far and wide affecting generation after generation after generation yet to be born. Actions such as the consolidation of fascism, the denial of global warming, science, and the scientific method, Nuclear Posture Report (N.P.R.) [See article on the Trump/Pence regime’s nuclear posture report, here—editors], criminalizing of protest, which is the forcible suppression of opposition. A primary principle in consolidating fascism. And We are the opposition. Things will continue to get worse unless We Unite, Organize, and Mobilize and stop these fascists in their tracks. When you look around the world and see the horrors that been going on and the ones that are materializing, there is only one solution “Revolution.” It’s as simple as that.

My loyalty and dedication to Revolution and the Liberation of Humynity originated with the study of Black History. While studying Black History i became conscious of the fact that the same conditions my ancestors were fighting against We are still suffering from today. That Our enslavement, oppression and exploitation never ended but evolved, mutated into other forms. And that the physical chains were removed only because the ruling class has created a system that, unless it’s completely overthrown, will forever Keep Us in bondage.

Only i did not understand this until i began to study the history, ideas, ideology and philosophy of the 1966 Black Panther Party founded by Bobby Seale and Huey P. Newton. It is through the Black Panther Party that i started to understand the underlying causes of Our Suffering is the System itself. And it is not just a New Afrikan (so-called Blacks) problem because everyone was suffering because of this system. And everything from the oppression and exploitation of Black, Brown, and Native Peoples, to the genocide of Native People, to the enslavement, oppression, and exploitation of Winmin and Patriarchal relations, the oppression L.G.B.T.Q community, to drugs, violence, poverty, etc. etc. has its roots in the system itself. And the ending of all of this can only be brought about through the over overthrow of the system and the radical transformation of society as a whole and ultimately the world.

Through the Black Panther Party i became aware of other Peoples’ struggles throughout the world and the leaders of those struggles. People like Mao, Lenin, and Castro just to name a few. I started to realize and understand the interconnectivity of all Peoples Struggles. That there was a connection between the oppression and exploitation of People in AmeriKKKa and those in other countries. And that We were/are struggling against the same forces, which therefore, We all had a common enemy (the Capitalist-imperialist ruling class) which, undeniably, gave Us a common unity.

The more i read and studied about the horrors going on, not just in the United Snakes of AmeriKKKa, but the entire world and how it is all connected and coming from a common source, the more i developed and extended Love & Unity to Humynity. The realization and understanding of the interconnectivity of Our struggles, the common enemy and unity We shared compound with the Love i developed and have for Humynity lead me to start preparing and dedicating My life to the Freedom of Humynity.

I started practicing by speaking out and standing up against the injustice, mistreatment, and abuse of prisoners which led to a whole lot of hole time. But one thing kept bothering me, the Masses in AmeriKKKa lacked a Revolutionary Party—at least that was what i thought. From this thought came the idea and the contemplating of getting out and finding some dedicated, intellectual, and conscious sisters and brothers forming a Revolutionary Party. Only it was one already out there i just didn’t know it.

While sitting in the hole with these thoughts running through my mind a brother down the walk called my name and told me he got something he want me to check and that he know i will like. Sent me a newspaper that was titled Revolution. The name itself caught my immediate attention. Staring at the newspaper title Revolution for a minute and then my eyes dripping to the corner where it said Voice of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA i opened the newspaper and was introduced to Bob Avakian (BA) and the Revolutionary Communist Party USA.

I had read about Communist Parties in other countries but did not know it was one in the United Snakes of AmeriKKKa. Yet, the fact that it was/is was relieving.

I read the whole newspaper. Every article attentively hoping not to miss anything. By the time i was through i was hooked. I got the information for the Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund and wrote and asked to be put on the mailing list to start receiving Revolution newspaper. I would spend the next eight years studying and researching the things P.R.L.F. sent. And i encourage you to do the same.

The Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund in Solidarity with Bob Avakian and the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA that he leads has clarified so much for me, has furthered my understanding of things, and has awoken me to so much more. They have connected the dots on international things and have explained and clarified the connection of those dots. They have shown Us the historical reality of past horrors in the present and reality of them being future horrors if We do not act now.

Brother Bob Avakian and the Revolutionary Communist Party has, theoretically and practically, taken responsibility for leading the Revolution. BA and the RCP, USA have over 40 years of dedication of serving the Revolutionary cause and to the Liberation of Humynity. And they’re the ones out there putting in the work and effort constantly trying to raise the consciousness of the Masses and trying to organize and mobilize them.

BA has went so far as drawing up a blueprint for the future Revolutionary Society. Now grasp the dedication and seriousness of this Revolutionary Leader and his Revolutionary Party. Many people and organizations are explaining to Us everything that is wrong with the present society and world. And some of these People and organizations analysis are dead on and some are espousing Revolution. But none (that i know of) has given Us a good idea on what the future Revolutionary Society will be like or look like. However, BA has not only given Us a good idea on what future Revolutionary Society will look and be like, he has written a constitution (Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America (Draft Proposal)) based on this idea. Now if that ain’t a serious dedication to the Emancipation of the Masses i don’t know what is....


“Stand up for humanity and get down with BA and this New Wave of Revolutionary Communism”

What Bob Avakian means to me on a personal and individual level can be defined in my ability to view reality in a more broadened scope than I could prior to meeting him through his work as both a member and Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party U.S.A. The Scientific Method of Revolutionary Communism has molded my thinking in such a way that I now have a basic understanding of why myself and other individuals, male and female, of my caste group live in such a marginalize state of existence. I am a 39 yr. old convicted felon and I’ve been in prison for 19½ yrs., so to me having a “solid core with a lot of elasticity” means to have a serious fucking attitude problem for having to survive within this marginalize state of existence for so long, while at the same time being able to maintain my sense of humor. (smile)

Bob Avakian represents a man of principled action which is a characteristic of his that I try to mimic. Even when being engaged in some unprincipled bullshit, I try my best to do it in the most principled way possible. Does that last statement make any sense? Let me give you an example of "trying" to be principled while engaging in some bullshit.

A fight breaks out amongst two convicts who are drunk on wine. Inmate one is battered and bruised so bad that he is taken to the hospital, while inmate two is sent to solitary confinement. While inmate two is in solitary confinement, inmate one is released from the hospital and he gathers support from other inmates, and once inmate two returns to population inmate one and those in his support group plan to attack him...To make a long story short, it is decided that the two inmates fight each other again in a one on one battle.

And to the victor went the spoils. Since inmate two beat inmate one to a bloody pulp it was decided that inmate two was right and inmate one was wrong. It wasn't until after some investigation on my part did I learn that inmate two has a history of getting drunk and starting fights and that inmate one doesn't even drink. This is a true story of actual recent events, and I am mentioning this here because in BA's book “From Ike to Mao and Beyond” on page 355 (The Real Deal section) he speaks at taking a pragmatic approach to real life situations and taking the backwards position/line that “might is right” and “if you lose you must be wrong and if you win you must be right.” In Chairman Mao's “Little Red Book” there is a quote of his in Chapter 23 (Investigation and Study) when he says “No Investigation, no right to speak.” I'm not sure what today's party position is on Chairman Mao's quote, but during those days of the Cultural Revolution Mao said it was ridiculed as “narrow empiricism,” and again, I am mentioning all of these things because I am attempting to make the connections to immediate circumstances and events here within, and how a more principled approach to the above mentioned fight could have drawn a much more solid conclusion. On the other hand there has been those times where I can arguably say that situations came about that were of a more principled nature, and an attempt to approach the situation in a more principled way was executed. My Rule of Thumb is to divide any encounter that may arise into two when trying to be scientifically accurate, and recognize that in the midst of struggle—any struggle—there may be some set backs along the way. I may not be as principled and patient as Bob Avakian, but I'm working towards it.

The leadership of Bob Avakian is what we need. We got a Bully like Donald Trump as President and Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. From my marginalized state of existence, especially from where I currently am being warehoused in this maximum security prison, life can be very depressing at times.... Sometimes people will say what they would have done during the times of Chattel Slavery. I'm sure you've heard it in your life time, maybe after watching Roots on television people will talk about what they would have done way back then. Well, now is the time for anybody who may have entertained those thoughts to... Stand up for humanity and get down with BA and this New Wave of Revolutionary Communism. I just recently read one of the printouts of the material posted on Revcom.US where the people took to the streets in protest, and were met by wanna be intimidators who were chanting “U.S.A.! U.S.A! U.S.A.!” but were silenced when those courageous revolutionaries shouted out in defiance “Humanity First! Humanity first! Humanity first!” How can you—we—anybody lose when the fight is for all of Humanity and the environment? BA and the leadership he provides is what the people need. Someone who has proven to be in the Interest of All Humanity. Fuck Donald Trump!


“Having the Teachings of Bob Avakian and the philosophy of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA as a Foundation”

Greetings Comrades and Friends,

I appreciate you informing me that my letter (thoughts) were of some positive use. Especially, to the point of it being posted on the South Side of Chicago [See here for an account of how the Revolution Club in Chicago took out this prisoner’s letter to the people—Editors]. Hopefully, it reaches at least one of the many searching for an answer.

I am, also, glad that I can show that we locked in the “Belly Of The Beast” can still contribute positively to The Struggle. Yes, I know PRLF and Bob Avakian has been telling us that from day one. Still, it does the Spirit good and motivates us to keep striving in The Struggle. And yes, we (prisoners) can grasp and wield the scientific method and approach for getting to a radically different and better world.

At times, we (prisoners) get caught up with the Drama and Bullshit of this world we exist in. But, having the Teachings of Bob Avakian and the Philosophy of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA as a Foundation (something like a safety net). We don’t need to fall back into our old self-destruction ways, and the powers-that-be can’t stand it! They hate to see US (prisoners) moving forward when it’s not coinciding with their overall plan/program (religion, or snitching on each other). It hurts them to see a positive movement that they don’t approve of or authorize. It’s a lot of GREAT MINDS and untapped energy behind “The Walls.” I witness it every day, it just needs to be focused. It’s so much potential sitting in here, I know that WE could build a better world for the future generations to inherit!

Well, the prison officials got me for: BAsics, Away With All Gods!, The Science of Evolution, Science and Revolution, and Constitution for the New Socialist Republic....

I understand the policy of not writing responses to PRLF subscribers. So, please tell all my comrades and friends there—THANK YOU! And you all silent support is the Guiding Light when it is the darkest in here. Just knowing we are not alone, nor forgotten gives us the strength to keep striving in The Struggle!

I shall keep you all informed of any retribution against me, but sometimes it’s better to fade it, and deal with it In-House. Does that make sense?


P.S. Once again, Thank All Of You!


“I love and respect what you do and say, fuck the fascists and pigs”

The other day I got your questionnaire and yes I still want your literature. I love and respect what you do and say, fuck the fascists and pigs. See I’m doing 30 to life. I wish I would of knew about your P.R.L.F when I was a youngster. I would have been a better person. But it’s never too late right. I wanted for a long time to find the right way where everyone has a part and is important. And yes I passed on your knowledge to other prisoners. And yes I want all the information [you] can give me and teach me. I’m sure the pigs probably read our mail but that’s okay. Maybe they’ll learn from us. Smile. I was blind deaf. Now I hear and see what these ass kissing pigs and politicians and capitalist truly are. Also this pigs enforce the capitalistic fascist regime, oppression by mass incarceration of the Brown, Black, white, red, yellow people that are marginalized and disenfranchised. They can kiss my ass. I rather die or sit in the hole before I give them my sweat blood and tears or make them money. The pen and the heart and mind, true believers and revolution are the only way. These pigs and politicians can take physical but not my faith in Bob Avakian and the collective whole who believe in him and the revolution. Power to the people. Long live BA. You have a comrade for as long as these fascist pigs let me live.

Respectfully &


We greatly appreciate receiving these letters from prisoners and encourage prisoners to keep sending us correspondence. The views expressed by the writers of these letters are, of course, their own; and they are not responsible for the views published elsewhere in our paper.


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