Yet Another Reason to Overthrow This Goddam System:

America Sponsors AND Directly Carries Out Genocide in Yemen

May 7, 2018 | Revolution Newspaper |


It’s just come out that the Green fucking Berets are in Yemen!

What are America’s elite killers doing there? Backing and directly carrying out Saudi Arabia’s genocidal war. Helping murder thousands. Blocking aid and starving more than eight million Yemenis. Poisoning water, destroying hospitals, and infecting a million with cholera. Killing or wounding 5,000 children and scarring 11 million more.

And this is just one of 150 countries America’s storm troopers are marauding in because that’s how this capitalist-imperialist system works.

Is this a force for good? HELL NO! This is a force for the enrichment of a handful at the expense of the destruction of millions and, yes, billions of people. This is a force for exploitation and oppression. This is a force that has to be brought down—at the soonest possible time.

As for the soldiers doing this? They are not “the good guys.” They are not—or they should not be seen as—“our boys.” They are killers in the service of imperialism and deserve no respect whatsoever. And this is doubly so for the so-called “elite forces” like these sadists.

Nothing less than a real revolution—one that mobilizes millions to go up against and dismantle this system’s violent machinery of death and destruction, and brings in a whole new system—can uproot and end these horrors!


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