Samantha Bee Has NOTHING to Apologize For

June 1, 2018 | Revolution Newspaper |



Samantha Bee: You have nothing to apologize for.

If you really felt so moved, you could have said something like: “I can see why some people who sincerely oppose the oppression of women might recoil at the language I used. But someone must say something that de-normalizes the hideous and truly genocidal crimes being committed by the Trump/Pence regime and normalized by the likes of Ivanka Trump. She is a criminal on an enormous scale. I used an ugly epithet to show an ugly truth. What is truly vile and vicious is holding up white babies to be cherished while the administration you work for rips Brown babies from their parents, feeds them into the maw of ‘detention centers,’ and worse. Did my words shock you? Well, these crimes of Trump and Pence SHOULD shock the conscience in a far, far greater way—and where is the outcry about THAT?

“So, no, I will NOT apologize for disrupting the air, and I will in fact use my platform, as long as I have it—and believe me, I will fight for every inch of it—to force people to look at the ugly truth, the reality of which is far uglier than anything I expressed in what I said about Ivanka Trump. It is NOT against the law to shout ‘FIRE!!’ in a crowded theater if the theater is on fire. And right now the motherfucking theater is a towering inferno!

“Finally, the hypocrisy of the Trump/Pence administration—the policies of which truly treat women as nothing more than ‘cunts,’ nothing more than either the pathway for a baby or something for people like the Degenerate-in-Chief to grab to show his dominance—in feigning outrage over this would be hardly worth mentioning, had it not been for the fact that so few have done so.”

So, Samantha Bee—learn from Kathy Griffin and withdraw your apology.

We have your back.




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