Get the BA Film on the Trump/Pence Regime Out in the Midst of All That Is Going on in the World!

June 18, 2018 | Revolution Newspaper |


Right now is a great, and important, time to get out with special vigor and creativity around the film of Bob Avakian’s talk THE TRUMP/PENCE REGIME MUST GO! In The Name of Humanity, We REFUSE To Accept a Fascist America. A Better World IS Possible, which has taken on even greater importance. The most recent experience shows that not only does this reach all different kinds of people with an analysis that they have not heard anywhere else—and move them—but there is a special receptivity at this moment. Today—with people out in the streets against the government’s ripping away of immigrant children, new genocidal atrocities in the U.S.-backed war in Yemen, talk of “peace” in Korea even as dangers of war remain very real, and more—there is a real moment to seize.

In the coming week, there should be renewed efforts to spread the film far and wide. Get the palm cards out massively and be ready to show clips from the film on phones and tablets, out at protests, concerts, meetings and conferences, on street corners, and everywhere people are gathering. But more than that, actively and creatively seek out and act on opportunities to show the film in different settings and venues, including the many summer festivals and events; people should even head out to farmers markets on the weekends, in liberal suburbs and urban neighborhoods as well as neighborhoods of the oppressed, and set up showings right there with homemade screens.

As we’ve emphasized, if more people see this talk by BA, it could actually change the political equation—giving people a scientific understanding of the situation we face, its causes, and what to do about it. BA points people toward deeper questions about the society we live in. And, very crucially in today’s situation, the film introduces people to BA, the most important revolutionary thinker and leader of our time, who has brought forward a new communism, which provides a path to a radically new, and much better, world. Let’s open this door for many, many more people!

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