A Moment to Seize, an Urgent Appeal


June 27, 2018 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


This is a moment when people are being shocked by this system’s horrors and outrages. Growing numbers are questioning and resisting what they normally accept. Whether revolutionaries are able to seize on this could end up having a lot to do with how things develop in these extraordinarily crucial times for humanity.

HOW WE CAN WIN—How We Can Really Make Revolution says:

We have the website of the Party, revcom.us, and its newspaper Revolution, which sharply expose the crimes of this system, scientifically analyze why it cannot be reformed, and give guidance and direction for people to work in a unified way for revolution. 

There is an urgent need, right now, for revcom.us to even more fully play this role. To all those who see how important this is: Join in and be part of BUILDING THE REVCOM.US WEBSITE! So it can reach many, many more people. So it can contribute even more to organizing thousands into the ranks of the revolution, as millions are being moved to act by what is happening in the world and can be influenced in favor of this revolution!

  • CONTRIBUTE AND RAISE FUNDS—for developing media and graphics, for promotions, and for enabling reporters to go where they’re most needed. Donate here.
  • FOLLOW REVCOM.US every day and spread the materials on the website broadly, including on social media (@tuneintorevcom).
  • VOLUNTEER to write or report on and send pics/videos of what’s going on where you are. Write/send to: revolution.reports@yahoo.com
  • BECOME part of the staff producing this website, especially if you are in the New York area. Contact: spreadrevolution@gmail.com

When you do any of this, you are making a real contribution to building the movement for revolution, by making revcom.us the website more and more people come to every day to be part of Fighting the Power, and Transforming the People, for Revolution.

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