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Reposted from RefuseFascism.org:

You Don't Need Permission to Do What's Right…

by Coco Das


This was posted at RefuseFascism.org on June 25.

You don’t need permission from elected officials …
You don’t need permission from the media …
You don’t need permission from pundits …

You don’t need permission from lawyers … your favorite non-profit … from Canada or Switzerland or the United Nations …

Children are being terrorized. Locked in cages. Put in concentration camps. Used as hostages in a campaign of ethnic cleansing.

You know what this regime is doing is criminal, so act without permission. Follow your conscience.

We cannot accept this, not in any form, under any circumstances. ANY non-violent disruption of business as usual is better than doing nothing. ANY non-violent action right now is better than waiting until November.

Shaming fascists in restaurants? Do it!

Stopping an ICE van, putting our bodies on the line and saying no more! Yes!

Taking your baby to a sit-in? Why the hell not, when mothers in detention can’t hold their babies?

Get some friends together and yell Trump and Pence Must Go at the top of your lungs. Find actions near you, or make your own action.

Disturb the air. Do not cooperate. Do not conciliate. Do not accommodate. Do not make peace with fascism.

Refuse Fascism is mobilizing for a time when millions will be ready to fill the public squares of cities and towns across this country, demanding and not backing down until the Trump/Pence regime is gone. That time must be soon.

Until then, don’t wait. Act without permission.

NYC 6/26/18 at protest against SCOTUS upholding Muslim Travel Ban

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