“If you are facing something this destructive, then it is time to really deeply question everything.”

Reaching Out BROADLY with This Film

July 2, 2018 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


Millions are agonizing about the Trump/Pence fascist regime... but they do not understand where this came from, why it's happening and most importantly: what can be done to stop it and whether a better world really is possible. This is why people, in their thousands and millions, need to watch the deep analysis and call to action in Bob Avakian’s (BA’s) speech, THE TRUMP/PENCE REGIME MUST GO! In the Name of Humanity We REFUSE To Accept a Fascist America. A Better World IS Possible.

Now is a time to reach out broadly with this film. For people who are filling the streets in anger at the nightmare of children separated from their families, locked in cages... for people who are losing sleep over what a full on Christian-fascist Supreme Court will mean... this film provides urgently needed answers. Answers that, in response to the lock-step horrors of this regime, many are consciously hungry for.

One person wrote to revcom this week with some experience making phone calls to people she’s known for years and others she just met. Two attorneys she spoke with were eager to watch the film this week. They’ve known about BA’s work for some time, but both lost touch because they thought revolution was too unrealistic. Due to the sharpness of the times, their thinking is changing. One expressed a lot of frustration with the over-simplistic, ahistorical answers people are grabbing for, including the idea that what we're facing with the Trump/Pence fascist regime is because not enough people voted for Hillary (!). Aside from the fact that she actually won the popular vote, that's ridiculous when you look at the rise of fascism over the last decades and the roots of white supremacy in this country going back to its founding. They were both very glad to hear from the revolutionary who called them. 

Another person she spoke to was an artist who has known about BA for many years but has never watched or read anything by him. He just finally watched this film and was so glad to hear it. He said it explains so much, and validated and deepened his concerns about the grave dangers being posed by the regime at this moment. He wants to contribute to getting this out so others can see it and wants to learn more about the new communism. A recently graduated college student also just watched the film. He’s known about, and been supportive of, the revolution from afar but he said recent events have really impacted him. He said that BA “covered it” in terms of where all this came from, and he's appreciative of how BA goes at "the whole thing." He too wants to help get this out to others. 

The person who wrote to revcom also spoke with one woman who she hadn’t talked to in years. The woman called back right away, eager to talk. She said she has just been stunned at the level of cruelty coming from this regime. She said, “If you are facing something this destructive, then it is time to really deeply question everything.” She too made plans to watch the film. 

We also heard about a film screening with a half dozen people attending and a wide-ranging discussion about what we’re facing and what we must do. One woman blurted out during the film “too late,” when BA was describing the need for the Trump/Pence regime to be driven from power before they consolidate their rule and implement their fascist agenda. In the discussion, she explained that what she meant is that Trump has already taken this way too far, but yes, she very much agrees this needs to happen NOW. There was debate and discussion on a range of other questions BA gets into in the film, including the role of white supremacy and the Christian fascism as core and driving elements of this fascist regime. 

This is really just very barely scratching the surface of what’s needed and possible. Both in terms of people getting into this film, the Q&As and spreading this very widely themselves as a concrete way to impact the political terrain in the interests of humanity. Take this out everywhere, and write to: revolution.reports@yahoo.com


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