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We received this letter from someone who has been volunteering to translate revcom articles into Spanish:

After translating more than 10+ articles for revcom from English to Spanish, I was shocked (but at the same time, not surprised) at the injustice that the United States has brought to its own people. As someone who is very education oriented, the article on Literacy in Detroit reminded me why I am pursuing a career as an Educator. Writing for revcom has been a way of educating the Spanish-speaking public. I saw a post on social media not too long ago that said: “Education is the crown jewel of the privileged, and has often been withheld by oppressors to keep marginalized and impoverished peoples under their control.” The revcom website helps these same people who are not able to receive a formal education, by sharing free content that everyone in the world is able to access.

I don’t consider myself a communist nor do I believe I have strong communist beliefs to be considered a revolutionary, but I am a liberal who believes in humanity and I do consider myself a firm believer of the truth. I think the principal reason why we write, share, and translate these articles is not only to shame our country on the errors of the past but to make the citizens of the present aware of the errors that were made in the past in order for our country to progress.

I believe that reading these articles have always influenced me to read more, and to learn about the corrupt ways of other countries besides the U.S. This has led me to become a more compassionate human being in my everyday life. We do hear and watch (for those who listen to the radio or watch TV), or read (for those who enjoy reading) about all the evil in this world, and the least we could do is to be a decent human being who has respect towards others. This should encourage us to have good intentions with everyone who we interact with on an everyday basis.


Your creativity, energy and skills can count for something very great indeed. Volunteer time with revcom.us, even as you look deeper into what this is about.

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