Join 100 Handmaids to Confront Mike Pence & Kirstjen Nielsen to Demand:
This Nightmare Must End: The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!

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Tuesday July 31, Noon, Meet at Bowling Green 4/5 Station. (Time and place subject to change—check the Facebook event for updates)

Register now to be one of 100 women wearing the blood red cloaks and white bonnets of the Handmaid’s Tale to protest Mike Pence and Kirstjen Nielson when they come to NYC.

Pence is a Christian fascist theocrat for whom the hellish world of the Handmaid’s Tale is a model society: women forced to bear children against their will, the Bible invoked to persecute LGBTQ people and tear immigrant children from their parents. Pence and Nielson are part of a FASCIST REGIME that is poised to do even worse – threatening war, even nuclear war, and destroying the environment for people the world over.

Nothing short of removing this whole illegitimate regime from power will stop this nightmare. This protest is part of building to do just that – not by relying on channels that Trump/Pence have made clear they have no respect for, but relying on the strength of people in the streets in non-violent but sustained determined protest to demand: This Nightmare Must End: The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!

This action will build on the tremendous protest organized by Refuse Fascism Philly last week, when 100 Handmaids confronted Mike Pence and powerfully demanded: Trump/Pence Must Go!

We call on New Yorkers and everyone who can get to New York to join this struggle. Men are welcome, too!

The lesson of the Handmaid’s Tale is that fascism must be stopped before it’s too late. In the name of humanity, let us REFUSE to accept a fascist America.


Philadelphia, PA, 7/23/18. Confronting Pence: "NO! Drive out Trump-Pence Fascist Regime"
Photo: Refuse Fascism.


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