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Prepare the Ground, Prepare the People, and Prepare the Vanguard—Get Ready for the Time When Millions Can Be Led to Go for Revolution, All-Out, With a Real Chance to Win

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This has been an incredible summer of intensified needless suffering. Children at the Mexican border torn from the arms of their parents by orders of the ICE-hearted White House... children on a school bus in Yemen slaughtered by a U.S.-made bomb dropped from the sky by American proxies... racist insults belching forth from the president while the regime he heads suppresses voting rights, cuts school funding, health care, and housing, and unleashes the police in Black, Latino, and Native American communities... a Christian fascist anti-woman, anti-gay judge heads for the Supreme Court, ready to lock in a fascist majority for a generation... the capitalists pouring more poison into the earth and air every single day... all accompanied by lies, lies and more lies...

All of this must STOP.

And all of this comes from this system, capitalism-imperialism—now headed and ruled by a fascist regime. A system that cannot be reformed, that must be OVERTHROWN, through an actual revolution. And we need an autumn, right now, of spreading revolution and organizing people into it, of rousing people to fight for the interests of humanity, and of reversing this whole ugly polarization... all aimed at moving closer to a revolutionary situation, in which the system is in deep crisis, millions are ready to put it all on the line for revolution, and there is a vanguard with the organization and influence that is prepared to lead this... the time when millions can be led to go for revolution, all-out, with a real chance to win.

One thing that means is spreading the word: “to let people know that we have the leadership, the science, the strategy and program, and the basis for organizing people for an actual, emancipating revolution.” (from HOW WE CAN WIN—How We Can Really Make Revolution [HWCW])

The New Talk from Bob Avakian: A Powerful Tool to Transform Reality

The key to that this fall is the important new film coming out of the speech by Bob Avakian, BA, Why We Need an Actual Revolution and How We Can Really Make Revolution. As we say in the announcement headlining this issue, there has never been a film like this on this subject before. BA gave this talk in several cities during the summer. This month there will be preview screenings around the country and next month an internet premiere to really launch this in a powerful way, with a whole social media campaign around it. In the days and weeks to come, this site will feature plans and be a place where people can exchange ideas and experience in creating a social movement around the film.

At the same time, even before that premiere and in fact to help build this premiere so that it has maximum impact, those who read this site or see this talk should be part of taking this talk everywhere as soon as it is available, setting up preview screenings yourselves. As HWCW says about the revolution, so we say about this talk, which goes so deeply into the need for revolution and how to make that revolution, “People in the inner cities, and in the prisons, students, scholars, artists, lawyers and other professionals, youth in the suburbs and rural areas—people in all parts of society—need to know about this and seriously take it up.” In addition to the new film, this means getting out there with the film THE TRUMP/PENCE REGIME MUST GO! (go here for recent experience with this); THE NEW COMMUNISM, and the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America, both by Bob Avakian; and the handbook for revolution, BAsics, also by Bob Avakian; as well as HWCW and other key and relevant works.

At the same time, this must be an autumn of fighting the power, and transforming the people, for revolution. All over—most concentrated in the fight to stop and ultimately drive out this fascist regime, but everywhere people rise up or need to rise up in significant ways—we need to “protest and resist the injustices and atrocities of this system, and win people to defy and repudiate this putrid system and its ways of thinking, and to take up the outlook and values, and the strategy and program of the revolution, build up the forces for this revolution, and defeat the attempts of the ruling powers to crush the revolution and its leadership.” (HWCW)

The “Third Future” Must Contend

The situation we outlined at the beginning has led to an increasingly sharpening polarization in this country. There are divides at the top, sharply illustrated in the past week’s events around the death of John McCain, and a growing polarization among masses. People in their millions are being presented with the question of capitulating to the imposition of full-out fascism or choosing to come under the wing of the section of the imperialists who have serious differences with this, but whose roads all ultimately lead back into the system. There must be a third future increasingly contending with that, the future of revolution that gets beyond the relations of exploitation and domination of this system and into a future of emancipation.

This highlights even more the need for this to be an autumn where the movement for revolution, in many different ways, wages struggle with how people are thinking.

The organized forces and the leadership of this revolution must become the “authority” that growing numbers of people look to and follow—not the lying politicians and media of this oppressive system—not those who front for the oppressors and preach about “reconciliation” with this system—not those who turn people against each other when they need to be uniting for this revolution. While many people will do positive things in opposing the crimes of this system, we need to approach everything—evaluate every political program and every organized force in society, every kind of culture, values and ways of treating people—according to how it relates to the revolution we need, to end all oppression. We should unite with people whenever we can, and struggle with them whenever we need to, to advance the revolution. (HWCW)

In all this, over these next few months, the revolution must reach new places and many new people, getting more and more organized as it does, with new people coming in to take up the road forged by Bob Avakian, and everyone taking the increased responsibility so urgently demanded by the times. We have the tools—let’s go out and transform everything!


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