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“If two ranking members of rival gangs can relate...”

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Dear PRLF Volunteers:

I do read & rotate your books to fellow comrades (prisoners). One guy recently surprised me the most, because I read one of his books about the Mexican Revolution and he in turn read Communism and Jeffersonian Democracy [by Bob Avakian]; the thing that shocked me was his feedback. He looked me straight in my eyes and said that: “with us being mixed with Mexican, can I imagine if our ancestors had all just got along and worked together, the type of difference they could’ve made...” We talked for awhile about how the system was corrupt & racist, and he asked if he could read THE NEW COMMUNISM. The thing is that he’s with the [California Latino gang], and I’m with the [rival California Latino gang]. Me and this guy have been around each other for years and never even spoke one word, but ideas about revolution broke the silence. We even spoke about how in the late ’60s all Latinos were united throughout the California penal system, and about why we all broke apart.

I had numerous encounters like this with people that are way outside of my circle. I’m not saying this because it’s a popular thing to do. This sh** is real, we’re talking about two blood-death rivals. We hurt the same when we see all this sh** happening about immigration, Dreamers, and border control. If two ranking members of rival gangs can relate about what we’re feeling under this regime, then how could any set-of-people remain divided? This is all made possible by a set of circumstances, but only BA has a plan that’ll bail us out.


Graphic imagePRLF is an educational literature fund that has sent Revolution newspaper (www.revcom.us), works from Bob Avakian, (Chairman of the RCP) and other revolutionary and scientific literature to hundreds of prisoners across the U.S. for 10 years. PRLF has fought attempts by prison officials to censor these publications. For example, the ACLU of Southern California successfully represented PRLF in a censorship battle focused on Pelican Bay State Prison with statewide ramifications in California.

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