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Getting Out the Revolutionary Message “On My Own”—As Part of a National Movement

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In the light of recent events, and the whole Kavanaugh confirmation hearing throwing this debate around abortion and the rights of women as full human beings right back into the public debate in a big way, this interaction from a few months back holds some interest for the movement for an actual revolution. Despite being in a position where I’m largely “on my own” in terms of getting out the message of this movement, and spreading materials on a day-to-day basis, there really is the potential to have meaningful and even impactful interactions with nowhere near a critical mass, which indeed we do need at various points. Even with just one or two people, the beginnings of a change in the whole atmosphere of a place like a college campus can be set into motion.

A few months ago, during the spring semester at the community college that I attend, a group of four or five anti-abortionists had set up shop with their disgusting and misleading posters and materials that lie to people about abortion. Coincidentally, I happened to have some palm cards pertaining to these reactionary fools, and there seemed to be a general feeling of disgust and muted (but real) anger towards them. I used this opportunity to agitate against the anti-abortionists, drawing from and citing the quote on the palm cards I was now distributing (the “Unbelievable as it may seem…” quote from BA). Although I was just doing this exposure to a small group of people, it still injected some science and a communist level of analysis that wouldn’t have been there otherwise. Let’s not underestimate the potential impact of something like this.

To those who are inspired to start up networks and Revolution Clubs in your area: Seize on the opportunities before you, even if you are alone. You don’t have to wait until you have a large crew to engage in actions and spread the word about this movement and this leadership. Wherever you are in this country, whether you are dozens or hundreds of miles  from the nearest supporters or Revolution Club, you are acting in tandem with, and as a part, of a nationwide movement. With the guidance of this site, the works of theory and correspondence of practice that should be continually updated as we experience and learn more, no one who hungers for a better world, and has come to see the flickering light of the New Communism as humanity’s only hope for that better world, should feel alone.


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