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Carl Dix is in Chicago carrying out revolutionary work around the trial of the cop who murdered Laquan McDonald.

Justice For Laquan McDonald!

September 28, 2018

The trial of the Chicago cop who gunned down 17-year-old Laquan McDonald four years ago is nearing the end. The cop’s lawyers have been allowed to parade witness after witness on the stand to testify about Laquan’s previous run-ins with police and any other conflicts with authority figures. The court is treating it like Laquan is the criminal who faces charges and not the murdering pig who shot Laquan 16 times as he walked away with his hands at his side.

This trial is looking more and more like preparation to justify letting another killer cop walk free. Everybody who is tired of seeing this—cops who have stolen the lives of Black and Brown people walking free—happen again and again needs to prepare to respond to the jury’s verdict.

When the jury goes out, don’t be alone. If you’re in a school, stop school and go out front and listen and wait; if you’re the teacher, change the lesson to something relevant to understanding, and acting to stop, this horror. If you’re in college, go to a common room, or cafeteria or plaza—wherever people are. If you’re at work, stop work and gather around a radio or TV or phone. If you’re in your house, go out on the corner, or into a bar, or into a laundromat, and be with people. If you’re “doing business,” stop the business and start talking with people around you. If you’re out in the burbs, and there are no corners where people gather, call your friends and go witness together somewhere, on a busy corner, a mall, wherever. While you’re waiting, talk about what this means if this killer cop walks. If you have a sign, hold it; if you don’t have one, make one; start making those signs now so you’re ready.

And when the jury comes back—whatever they say, act accordingly.



Hey, Chicago—Who’s Afraid Of Ferguson?

September 26, 2018

A young Chicago “activist” was quoted in the paper here as saying that if the cop on trial for murdering Laquan McDonald is not found guilty, “I don’t want to see Chicago turn into a Ferguson or Baltimore.” Really?!  I mean, why the hell not? The people who rose up in Ferguson and Baltimore did what needed to be done. They lifted the lid on this whole stinking mess of a system and more than that they made it unmistakably clear that they were not going to tolerate the intolerable and nobody else should either. And billions of people around the world took notice

Yes, we need much much more than rebellions—we need an actual revolution, which is not just some change in who is “in office,” but an overturning of this whole white supremacist, capitalist-imperialist system—but if we just bow down and take the outrages this system perpetrates, we will never even get to that point; and if we do stand up, we can do that as part of taking a big step to real liberation.


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