A Typical Trial For A Murdering Pig, A System That Has No Future For Our Youth, And The Revolution That Does…

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On those rare occasions when pigs do get charged for the killings and beatings they commit, like Bob Avakian says in this video, the prosecutors forget how to prosecute. We’ve seen that in this trial.

One way this goes down is through outrageous attacks on the character of the victim, even though the pig had no way of knowing anything about the person before they up and murdered him or her.  The Illinois Supreme Court decision that allowed this was literally called “People vs. Lynch!”  That’s what they’ve been doing this week in Chicago, in the notorious case of Laquan McDonald, killed by 16 shots from the gun of Jason Van Dyke.  All week long they’ve been lynching Laquan’s character, as everything in this young man’s past that can possibly be dragged out is dragged out, and every racist stereotype that people have when dealing with or looking at a young Black man is being treated as evidence… when the murdering pig Jason Van Dyke had no way of knowing any of that when he cold-bloodedly gunned Laquan down.

The real question that the hard life and atrocious death of Laquan McDonald raises is why this system has no future for the tens of millions of young people of color like Laquan.  Like BA says:

People say: “You mean to tell me that these youth running around selling drugs and killing each other, and caught up in all kinds of other stuff, can be a backbone of this revolutionary state power in the future?” Yes—but not as they are now, and not without struggle. They weren’t always selling drugs and killing each other, and the rest of it—and they don’t have to be into all that in the future. Ask yourself: how does it happen that you go from beautiful children to supposedly “irredeemable monsters” in a few years? It’s because of the system, and what it does to people—not because of “unchanging and unchangeable human nature.”

BAsics 3:17




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