A Call from Carl Dix and Cornel West:

Come to Chicago & Add Your Voice to Call for Justice for Laquan McDonald


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A travesty of justice is being perpetrated in Chicago. Carl is in Chicago, working with the Revolution Club and other forces for social justice, mounting protest and organizing every day.

Your voice, your body, and your financial support are needed to stop this miscarriage of justice.

The trial of Jason Van Dyke, the police officer who killed 17-year-old Laquan McDonald in 2014 is coming to a close. Van Dyke got out of his police car and within seconds fired 16 shots into Laquan's body even though he was walking away from the police with his arms at his side. The whole thing was caught on video, a video that Chicago authorities tried to cover up and keep the public from seeing.

When massive protest and a court ruling forced the public release of the video, Van Dyke was charged with murder. See the attached fact sheet for just how bad this trial has been.

The 16 shots Van Dyke fired into Laquan's body, most of them while he lay on the ground, were illegitimate violence. The trial has reinforced that illegitimate violence. And if the court lets Van Dyke walk free, that would be illegitimate violence too—a threat against every Black and Brown youth in Chicago.

Those whose voices have significant impact in society have a special responsibility to condemn the way Laquan McDonald has been executed twice, once by a cop on the street and a second time in a trial in which he, and not the cop who shot him, has been portrayed as the criminal.

Come to Chicago and stand with people as they respond to the soon-to-be-issued verdict in this case. Speak out on this miscarriage of justice where you are. Speak to the press about it. Post on social media about it. And donate now to the Revolution Chicago Project to support the struggle: https://www.gofundme.com/RevolutionSummerChicagoFund.


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