The Elections Just Past, The Future We Face, And The REAL Revolution Humanity Needs

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This article was posted the morning after the midterm election. It remains relevant and conveys important basic orientation. There have been new developments since, for an update go to "The Trump/Pence fascist regime doubles down, post‑election: Dangers and Openings for Struggle"

Tuesday, November 6, witnessed elections.  We’re told that things have changed.


In fact, the fascist section of the rulers—headed by Trump and Pence—pushed forward and further consolidated; and the Democrats revealed themselves to be complicit with this, utterly unwilling to call it out for what it was and in fact capitulating to it.

The “face” of this election is not this or that newly minted Democratic legislator (be it some “proud-to-bomb-innocent-people-in-foreign lands” female military veteran, some wishful-thinking “democratic socialist,” or whatever latest Black or Brown face in a high place they put up to give this rotten system a fresh and “woke” look).

No.  The true picture of this election can be seen among the desperate refugees marching up from the made-in-USA hells in Honduras and Guatemala... and the U.S. troops being sent to threaten and stop them.  Its sound can be heard in the Hitler-style Trump rallies and his openly racist agitation booming through the airwaves.  Its echoes and shock waves can be felt in the pipe-bomb threats and the synagogue massacre, and the vicious “open season on Black people” atmosphere ripping through whole sections of society.  And oh yes, all the while the Democrats did nothing but desperately try to “change the subject” in the face of all that.

Let’s not tell ourselves stories about “blue waves” (or, now it seems, “blue trickles”) that will change nothing.  Let’s not fantasize about this or that supposed “check and balance” on Trump… when there is a fascist tsunami gaining power and momentum right in front of us.

Let’s face reality as it is.

Let’s look at what this system really has in store for people here and around the world in the aftermath of the elections.

The capitalist-imperialist plunder of our planet, now being sped up by the rise of fascist regimes around the world, will not STOP; it will accelerate, as the mines and oil wells boom and the rain forests are decimated.

The demonization and oppression of immigrants—which, yes, flourished under the Democrats as well (the polite “deporter-in-chief” Obama actually deported more people in his first year than Trump did) and which the Democrats said nothing about in the past two weeks—will not STOP.  It will get worse, more hysterical and more vicious, as fascists around the world headquartered in the White House—build fortresses to keep people out in the coming planetary disaster of climate change that they and their system have created and are accelerating.

The genocidal mass incarceration and police murder of Black, Latino, and Native American people will not STOP; it will continue to not just grind on but indeed to accelerate, in a lynch-mob atmosphere where whites all over feel empowered to drive Black and Brown people out of public space and every person of color is painted as a potential marauder.  All to be overseen by a Trump-picked Supreme Court determined to roll back every hard-fought right of the past 70 years.

The constant degradation and oppression of women, in every sphere of life and all over the world, will not STOP.  The election of some women to office cannot stop something that is deeply embedded in the very rise and nature of class-divided society itself, nor can it stand up to the tide of patriarchal viciousness sweeping the planet.  And these next few years will include a certain attempt to further restrict and/or abolish rights to abortion and even birth control.

Nor will these imperialist wars of aggression and occupations STOP; not when the Democrats make it a point to tout their military credentials and compete to “out-patriot” the fascists who are now in power and who are moving to violently assert their domination everywhere.

None of this is tolerable.  And ask yourself—isn’t THIS what keeps you up at night and questioning everything, wondering if there even will be a future?

But now let’s talk about reality as it can be.

Let’s talk about reality based not on some fantasy but on the deep and defining contradictions contained within this system, the very things we pointed to above.  The fact is that none of this is necessary, and all of it could be stopped—there IS a way—but that way cannot be found within this system of capitalism-imperialism.  There is a way to not only deal with these outrages—again, outrages that are exacerbated and made worse now with the system’s move toward fascism—but to abolish and move beyond all relations of exploitation and oppression, here and all over the world.  And that way requires an actual revolution.

This does not mean some minor changes within this system.  It means the actual overthrow, yes overthrow, of this system through actually defeating its armed forces of oppression and repression, when the necessary conditions (a revolutionary situation and people in their millions ready to rise up and fight for revolution) have been brought into being.  It means going on from there to dismantle the institutions of this system and build a whole new society on a radically different economic and political foundation.

This is not some leap out of a nightmare and into a void.  We have a plan.  A plan to replace this death-bound system by a far better system—one that is truly emancipatory—as embodied in the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America written by Bob Avakian, BA, the architect of the new communism and the leader of the revolution.  We have a strategy to do this, as well—a hard strategy, but one that is founded on reality and is actually do-able—and laid out in a speech given by BA this summer, Why We Need An Actual Revolution And How We Can Really Make Revolution.  

Listen: if you are someone who agonizes over the future, who hates the way this system does people here and around the world, who wonders about and yearns for a better way, we urgently invite you to listen to this talk, to come to our centers to talk, and to learn that there is a real way out of this madness.  We urgently invite you to check out and engage with the Revolution Club, to come to our centers or go to and find out more.

In the battle plan HOW WE CAN WIN—How We Can Really Make Revolution, we say that “We need to Fight the Power, and Transform the People, for Revolution.”  Right now a key battle in making this revolution is the struggle to drive this Trump/Pence fascist regime out of power altogether.  The conflict between those who uphold this fascism and those who oppose it, from various different perspectives, is shaping everything right now.  These fascists, who now hold and are tightening their grips on the reins of power, must NOT be allowed to further consolidate and move even more relentlessly and determinedly to a total clampdown.  We cannot accommodate to this regime, normalize it, work with it, and all the rest of the reactionary stuff these Democratic politicians are busy doing the day after the election.  NO!  We must build a movement of millions to—again—drive it out, through the massive, nonviolent sustained struggle of millions, uniting everyone who opposes this regime, from all different perspectives.  We in the movement for revolution support the efforts of Refuse Fascism ( and call on everyone to join us at demonstrations this Saturday, November 10.

As part of this we urge you to check out, get into and spread, THE TRUMP/PENCE REGIME MUST GO! In The Name of Humanity, We REFUSE To Accept a Fascist America, A Better World IS Possible, a speech by Bob Avakian, that lays bare the deep roots of this regime and what must be done to get rid of it, available at

This situation is not easy—the stakes are unimaginably high, very likely involving the whole future of humanity.  But there is a way to change this, to make revolution, and to get to work on this now.  So again—we invite you to be part of this, to get with the Revolution Club, where you can learn more about this revolution while you take part in it.  The future remains to be written—and you are urgently needed.

Check out this revolution and this leadership at  Contact us at or @tuneintorevcom.

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Why We Need An Actual Revolution And How We Can Really Make Revolution

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