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Last Week, in the Amerikan Empire: Is THIS the Future You Will Settle For?

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Last week, in the Amerikan empire, the following happened:

  • The U.S convened a conference in Warsaw of 45 countries, the purpose of which, according to what Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blurted out in a later-edited tweet, was to discuss “the common interest of war with Iran.” Mike Pence, “looking presidential” according to the press, demanded that European nations follow the United States and “stand with us” in violating the treaty they all signed with Iran just two years ago. Along with Israel, another key player at this conference was Saudi Arabia, currently conducting an extremely genocidal war against Yemen, with U.S. military and diplomatic backing, as this article makes clear.
  • The U.S. continued to use starvation as a weapon against the people of Venezuela in its support of a coup attempt against the government there, as we outlined last week. And it continued to keep “all options on the table”—that is, it continued to threaten armed invasion.
  • While the U.S. pursued combative trade negotiations with China, David Brooks, a prominent columnist for the New York Times, pointed to what he called “the grave, economic, technological and intellectual threat to the United States and the world order” posed by its main imperialist rival, China. He welcomed the unity that Republicans and Democrats have found in attacking China, and talked about the “existential threat” that China poses “to the liberal international order.” But Brooks forgot to mention the more than 10 million murdered by the American war machine just since 1945, and the countless millions more driven from their homes to construct this “order,” as this chart makes clear. And as this chart also makes clear, this imperialist slaughter was thoroughly “bipartisan”—when it comes to aggression against the world to preserve imperialist interests, both parties find it very possible to “reach across the aisle” and act in a “bipartisan” way.
  • Within the empire itself, the fascist-in-chief declared a state of emergency to gain the funds to build his wall. If upheld by the increasingly fascist-dominated courts, this would be a further leap in the concentration of power in an executive branch dominated by the fascists and a violation of the rule of law. This move came after the Democrats basically both voted for a wall and for significantly heightened repression at the border, but did not allot as much money as Trump demanded.
  • And in Vallejo, California, yet another young Black man was murdered by police, as he sat in his car, windows rolled up, as this details.

Meanwhile, Democrats did basically nothing to oppose the fascist barrage of hate-mongering against immigrants, led by Trump, that dominated TV and the internet. The manufactured hysteria about the border further hardened the fascist base and served the regime’s overall goal of normalizing “ethnic cleansing” and open white racism and American chauvinism. And they did nothing while Pence war-mongered in Poland. Well, actually that’s unfair. The Democrats did do something—they rushed to make sure that everybody knew that most of them supported the coup in Venezuela too!

Again, just this week: from Iran and Yemen to the border and “detention facilities,” from Venezuela to Vallejo, the blood to ensure empire flows. And you’re hoping one of these Democrats, neck deep in all the crimes above and more, is gonna DO anything in the face of this? When it’s clear that they, like the Republicans, are an imperialist party?

The fact is this:

At this extremely fraught juncture for humanity, when its very future existence has been called into question, there are only three possible futures: the openly fascist future being steamrollered into place by Trump and Pence; the fundamentally similar future of imperialist war, white supremacy, patriarchy, environmental destruction, and persecution of immigrants on offer from the Democrats, who differ with the fascists on how that should be carried out; and the revolutionary future, the new communist future, the possibility of which is pointed to by the leadership and work of Bob Avakian (BA)—the science, the strategy and the leadership for an ACTUAL revolution.

It would be unconscionable at any time, but it is especially so now, to not just refuse to engage this work but to fail to support the movement around it. This third future, and the movement for revolution embodying it, needs to contend! Right now, there is a concrete and very urgent opportunity to support and take part in that with the Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution Tour.

Be part of fighting for the future humanity needs.


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