The following is a slightly edited transcript from the agitation Andy Zee did at the #BEB reveal in Los Angeles on March 15.

Bourgeois Electoral Bullshit
We Need an Actual Revolution

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Let me restate the message from the Revcoms on the Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution Tour: “The 2020 elections, as in all elections under this system, are nothing other than: Bourgeois Electoral Bullshit.”

These elections are nothing other than a brilliant device to rope you into complicity with great crimes. A circus to make you think you have some say in what’s going on. They are a way to bamboozle you, to deceive you, to make you think you are doing something and to put your stamp of approval on great, great horrors.

As Noche said, we are on a tour to spread this revolution, to spread the work of Bob Avakian, to spread the fact that there is a way out of this madness through a revolution for a radically new society based on the New Communism.

And the stakes could not be higher for humanity around the world, as well as here in the United States where a fascist regime IS in power—that’s the Trump/Pence regime. This regime is step-by-step consolidating a white supremacist fascist form of rule. And, the Democrats have NO ANSWER for this... Nancy Pelosi has said that impeachment is off the table. Why?

She said: “Because it divides the country.” .... Get real! Get real! ... when you have Nazis marching in the streets with torches saying “Jews will not replace us...”, with attacks on homosexuals, while marching under the banner of the Confederate flag and white supremacy.

This country IS divided. As Bob Avakian has said:

Trump makes use of these divisions in pursuit of his fascist agenda, but neither he nor anyone else has caused, or could have caused, these divisions—they are rooted in the very nature, functioning, and requirements of this system, in the way all this has historically evolved. To eliminate these divisions, it is necessary to eliminate this system.


THINK ABOUT THAT. CONFRONT IT. We are facing a fascist regime. And, the Democrats blather on about governing or promoting wish lists like the Green New Deal which will solve the environmental crisis just about as well as Obama solved the crisis of police shooting Black and Brown youth—which is to say, NOT AT ALL. But, no, you would rather believe in make-believe than get out of your comfort zones and face reality. And this is not the first time in history that we have seen such a movie played out.

This system and their media mouthpieces have you thinking about an election contest in which you really have no say in anything about what is going on. They have you in a Game Show: America's Got Imperialist and Wanna-Be-Imperialist Talent—as you can see up here [pointing to the Rogues Gallery of #BEB].

Do you want to be part of that same crew of oppressors by giving them your stamp of approval? [Audience: “Hell No!”]

You think you’re woke—but you’re rooting for Bernie, you’re cooing over AOC, you’re following Beto’s existential crisis on the internet. But you are sleepwalking through a nightmare... This system cannot be reformed.

And look, the stakes are such as to whether or not this planet will even be habitable for human beings within 50 or 100 years. You cannot change your light bulbs and tax carbon as a way out of this. You need an entirely different system. We have a problem with the environment that is caused by a dog-eat-dog capitalist system that depends on fossil fuels and the fight over who controls those fossil fuels. We have a problem that turns water into a commodity around the world. This is a system. WE NEED TO OVERTHROW THIS SYSTEM!

And that’s why we here are out on tour to say to everybody: This system cannot be reformed. We have to overthrow the system. We need an ACTUAL revolution.

The 2020 election? As Noche said before:

The Republican Party Is Fascist
The Democratic Party Is Also a Machine of Massive War Crimes
and Crimes Against Humanity
This System CANNOT Be Reformed—It MUST Be Overthrown!
We Need an Actual Revolution

The 2020 elections? You want some evidence? I’m going to give you some evidence. When I’m done I want you to pick up a copy of this newspaper REVOLUTION. You will see this centerfold. And you need to go through this. You need to see over the last 70 years, the crimes, the murder, the death, the plunder that has been caused by both parties. From Yemen more recently from Obama; the Iraq War; all the way back to the bombing of Hiroshima. Look at these facts and then tell me that you can rely on the Democrats to resolve the things that you care the most about. You cannot and it will never happen that way. We need an ACTUAL revolution.

Okay, now we’ve had some fun with this #BEB. We're not done having that fun.

But, we’re actually talking about some serious stuff here. We do face a fascist regime. As peculiar, petty, lunatic and bizarre as Donald Trump and Mike Pence are, the reality they are bringing about affects the lives of billions of people. And as the organization Refuse Fascism has said: Trump’s “Make America Great Again” plan is a 21st century fascist program of “America First”—wrapped in the flag of Mike Pence’s Bible taken literally, with a program of white supremacy, misogyny, and xenophobia.

In opposition to this, the Democratic Party—where all too many people are putting their money, their resources and their hopes—is acting exactly like the “progressives” and the moderates did in Germany 90 years ago when they conciliated and collaborated with Hitler’s regime, with the result being tremendous horrors for humanity.

And the heart of this, the reason they don't have and can't have any answers to all that plagues the people is because the Democratic Party is a ruling class party whose purpose is to enforce and re-enforce the system that gives rise to all of this here and around the world. And that's what's shown in this chart of what the U.S. does around the world. Any party that is seriously promoted by the media in this country, that is seriously in power, can only be a party of the ruling class. And unless that’s what you want to be—a wannabe plunderer and oppressor of humanity here and around the world—then you need to get with the revolution.


The first future is a fascist regime—with all that that means.

The second future is putting your hope in complicity with all of this, in a Democratic Party that has brought you and the people around the world the same oppression and plunder.

Or you can get with the revolution and find out about Bob Avakian and the New Communism and find out that there actually is a way for humanity to overcome all forms of exploitation and oppression. That is not an impossible dream. It’s a hard road but it’s a possible road because of the very problems that this system generates and the sentiments that people have against them.

So we have hit the road organizing this. And I just want to say two more things.

One thing is that part of fighting for this revolution is recognizing the danger of this fascist regime. And if you take the conclusion of what I’ve said—that you can’t rely on the Democratic Party—then what can you rely on? Well, we can rely on ourselves, on yourselves. The only way that we are going to stop this regime is not the 2020 election, but by millions of people, starting with thousands, gathering in city streets and squares around this country, in non-violent continued sustained protest day after day demanding that this entire regime be removed. That's the program of Refuse Fascism. And those of us who are Revcoms support that, and it’s part of the road towards what we are working for, and which is what we are out here telling you is truly needed—a revolution for the complete emancipation of humanity.

We are on the road to organize you to be part of the thousands for revolution. We are on the road to tell you that there is a way out of the madness. We are on the road to tell you that there is a third future that is neither one of these ruling class parties but is a future that’s in the interests of all humanity.

So #BEB is real, it’s Bourgeois Electoral Bullshit and you’re going to be hearing about it on the media until they have you stupefied. We need to un-stupefy the people with revolution.

This a moment in history of great peril. Such moments also contain the potential for great liberating change. That's the point. That's the reason. That's the mission of the tour:

To organize thousands of people into the revolution to prepare for the time and the conditions when we could really win and get on the road to freeing humanity and saving the planet.


“You Think You’re Woke...
But You’re Sleepwalking Through A Nightmare —

This System Cannot Be Reformed, It Must Be Overthrown!”

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Revolution Club, Los Angeles reveals #BEB at Los Angeles City Hall on March 15, 2019.

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