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You are right for sitting down during the national anthem.

You are right for sitting in and protesting the “go back to your country” fascist statement.

You are right for standing up for something more important than just yourself.


Top 10 Reasons to Sit Down for the Nasty-full Anthem

  1. Because the United States was founded on slavery, Black people still have no rights this white supremacist system is bound to respect, and there is an epidemic of unpunished murder by police.
  2. Because the U.S.A. was built on and continues to carry out genocide of the native peoples.
  3. Because America was created by stealing half of Mexico’s land in a war of conquest, rape and plunder in 1846-48.
  4. Because in America a woman is raped every 2 minutes and a woman is battered every 9 seconds – violence fueled by a culture of porn and patriarchy.
  5. Because the U.S. massacred over 200,000 innocent civilians at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, with nuclear bombs and is the only country that’s ever used them.
  6. Because the U.S. murdered 3 million people during the Vietnam War and has killed over 1.3 million in the Middle East since 9/11.
  7. Because America imprisons 2 million people, mostly Black and Latino – more than any country on earth.
  8. Because the U.S. terrorizes and demonizes immigrants with deportations and locking hundreds of thousands of people, including children separated from their parents, into concentration camps on the border.
  9. Because America’s wealth comes from exploiting and enslaving millions of people here and around the world, including children, from Mexico to China to Congo to Bangladesh.
  10. Because America has done more to destroy the planet’s environment than any other country on earth – the U.S. military is the single greatest institutional polluter in the world.

This is not the way the world has to be. There is a leader with a new framework for human emancipation, Bob Avakian (BA). BA has written a Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America. One example from that Constitution is it says the orientation of this new system, that would come into being as a result of a revolution involving millions of people, “is to welcome immigrants from all over the world who have a sincere desire to contribute to the goals and objectives of this Republic….”

If you want to see a different world, find out more about BA and get with the Revolution Club that is getting organized for this revolution. Follow @revclubchi and @tuneintorevcom.

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