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It is almost the spring of 2020 and the Revolution Club is gearing up for a second Tour—a new quest throughout America to find people that can recognize the truth that our country, indeed our world, is falling victim to the destructive power of fascism. The liberty of mankind is at stake. What makes this Tour important to me and why I am donating to it is that Revcom members are not taking part in it just to ensure liberty for Americans but for the whole of humanity.

To gain true liberty we must be aware that most of humanity is already held in bondage. The majority of people on our planet don’t get enough to eat and must work long hours to afford to eat at all. We must be first and foremost in demanding justice for that majority and making sure that it gets a fair share of the world’s goods. America is the greatest power on this planet. It must show other nations how to resist the cruelty and selfishness of the regimes that are adopting fascism as a means of grabbing excessive power and wealth. Unfortunately, we Americans share this selfishness and are guilty of growing fat on the suffering of others.

The people in the Revolution Club understand a crucial fact—that Americans must give up their deep-seated illusion of being members of a nation that acts as a shining example to the rest of the world. How can a country that was founded on genocide and slavery, that continues to exploit and abuse the vulnerable act as a guide for the rest of the world?

It can’t. Many of the people that America has exploited and treated cruelly know what America has done to them and they resent and mistrust our leaders. Moreover we Americans are thoroughly spoiled and unable to see that we don’t deserve the very best at the expense of others.

I have dwelt on this one principle at the core of Revcom and of Bob Avakian’s New Communism because we cannot save the world without it. We are close to apocalypse as it is. Egoists like Donald Trump and his Republican buddies are eager to push us into disaster. It is our one hope that mankind, especially we Americans with all our power, will embrace concern for humanity as an important means of fighting back against the powers of darkness.

This short piece is a statement of gratitude to the Revolution Club for teaching me the obvious lesson that before we can change the world, we must change ourselves and grow warm, empathic, and generous. And that is why I have contributed money to their efforts to spread their messages of unity and liberality. Unfortunately my donations have been very small. I hope as time goes on, I can give more than I have given so far. I can never give back what they have given me—a vision of a world that feeds, clothes, and educates its inhabitants impartially, a world of health, creativity, and mutual respect.

Ways to Donate:

• The National Revolution Tour now has Venmo: “@RevolutionTour”

• Write in to getorganizedforrevolutiontour (at), let us know if you are taking up collections, or to send statements

• Or call (646) 717-7161




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