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  • Last night was a glorious night, the darkness of years suddenly illuminated by the bright light of rebellion.

401 years of white supremacy, oppression and genocide in America, year after year after year of lying, of empty promises from the powers that be that the murdering police will stop killing Black people and other oppressed nationalities, three years of the fascist Trump/Pence regime’s lies, attacks, murder and threats… and the people have risen up, many “races” and nationalities standing together, righteous and brave, to demand justice and to send an unmistakable message: ENOUGH! The flames of Minneapolis spread to Louisville and Memphis, the sites of recent and outrageous police murders, and to Phoenix, Columbus, Denver and elsewhere.

This spirit of courageous, united defiance must—and—can spread further.

  • The enemy will come down—already IS coming down—hard.

The rulers can never allow the masses to raise their heads without lashing back, and this is doubly true with a fascist regime in power. But whether this will be crushed... or whether this righteous defiance of the fascist thuggery and inhuman brutality will spread even further... is not yet determined. The masses must be mobilized to come back even stronger in the face of repression—going broader, deeper and more determined. This can happen. People once awakened can change further, can straighten their backs and lift their eyes, and can be led to lead others in standing up.

Fight the Power, and Transform the People, for Revolution

  • Revolutionaries, the Mighty Mighty RevComs, must reach for the heights and fly without a safety net.

Revolutionaries must not only lead masses in resistance—though we must do that—but mainly and even more so bring to people the fact that this system CANNOT be reformed and that only an ACTUAL revolution to OVERTHROW this system can deal with these burning outrages... the fact that there is the leadership for this revolution in Bob Avakian… a way for them to be part of this in the Revolution Clubs... the fact that while the enemy is vicious and powerful, they are not all-powerful, and there is a strategy that can bring forward the millions to overcome their power and defeat them… and there is the sweeping vision and concrete blueprint for a radically different and far better society and system, beyond the horrors and divisions of today in the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America by Bob Avakian.

Humanity Needs Revolution and the New Communism of Bob Avakian

Through posters and sound trucks, through social media and flyers, these must reach everywhere in society… where people are rising up, where people are angry, fed up and questioning… giving leadership to those whose sights are raised, that the way we live now is NOT eternal, that we need an actual revolution… and there IS a way for them to be part of the revolution by:

  • Spreading the Communiqué and NO MORE!, posting it up on social media and in the neighborhoods
  • Watching and spreading the Revolution, Nothing Less! weekly show on the YouTube RevComs channel
  • Going to the website revcom.us and reporting back thinking and experiences
  • Reading the 5-2-6, and if they agree, wearing the BA Speaks: REVOLUTION—NOTHING LESS! T-shirt

… all beginning and essential ways that people can spread and begin to represent for this revolution, while learning more.

Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution!

  • To the masses in a mass way: NOW is the time to reach back and reawaken…

… Everyone who over the past few years turned their faces towards revolution but may have become discouraged… everyone who considers themselves still with the revolution, even if they don’t turn up all the time… and work with those who want to seize this moment to be part of a force in bringing forward many, many others. And have ways for people to stay in touch!

Go all out to where the masses are, especially but not only the most oppressed, and awaken, mobilize and inspire them with the vision of a revolution and a whole new world.




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