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Announcing plans for marches through areas where the youth are killing and maiming each other; calling on these youth to “Get with the Revolution” and be part of bringing down this murderous system and bringing into the being a whole new world

July 2, 2020

Immediate Release:  
What: Press conference and rally

Who: Revolution Club, Chicago 
When: Thursday July 2nd 3pm
Where: 71st and Jeffrey in South Shore — one of CPD's designated “hot spots”

Contact: Interviews available by phone: 312-804-9121 
Follow us on social media @therevcoms 
Revolution Club Chicago organizing center 1857 E. 71st Street, Chicago, IL 

The entire country (indeed world) has been involved in a beautiful uprising for weeks demanding an end to institutionalized racism and police brutality and murder. What does Lightfoot’s new “progressive” Chief of the Chicago Pig Department (CPD) do? Threatens to illegally round up teenagers and put them in preventive detention for days over the holiday in the middle of a pandemic!  For the July 4th holiday, he is planning to put young people in cages to “protect them.” As Frederick Douglass said on July 4th in 1852, “For revolting barbarity and shameless hypocrisy, America reigns without a rival.”  We have one thing to say to the new chief, “Empathetic progressive” my ass, you, sir, are a mad lunatic for whom the answer to every question is prison, prison and more prison. How dare you call these youth “evil murdering bastards”. It is the CPD you lead, notorious around the world for its brutality "who are the 'evil murderous bastards' not our youth who your pigs terrorize daily.”

We in the Revolution Club Chicago also have a message for these youth the pigs want to incarcerate. We will be out in neighborhood hot spots over the holiday weekend recruiting you to learn about and become part of the revolution we need.  You who are now killing and maiming each other are capable of something much greater — becoming emancipators of humanity — part of overthrowing this monstrosity of a system that commits crimes here and around the world ... crimes far beyond anything ever imagined by mythology or any small time gangster. This system of capitalism/imperialism has cast people like you aside — burdened and deprived of a life with meaning, then violently contained by marauding pigs along with mental shackles like “dog eat dog” look out for #1 or praying for some savior.  The Revolution Club intends to begin marches in areas where this violence among the people is raging to get youth out of the mess they are caught up in and into what is really needed — organizing now to Get Ready for the Time When Millions Can be Led to Go for Revolution, All-Out, With a Real Chance to Win.

Juneteenth 2020, Chicago



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