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Do You Realize How Politically and Morally Bankrupt It Was For You To Invoke the War Criminal Nancy Pelosi When You Shut Down A Revolutionary?

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Last week, at a public program, Rutgers professor Brittney Cooper led a crowd to drown me out to stop me from asking a pointed question. After calling me a “typical man in a feminist space” she smugly proclaimed, “We will Pelosi this shit and shut you down!”

Here's my response:

[1] Brittney, when you turned Pelosi's name into a verb, which definition were you thinking of?

Did you mean like: “The people of Gaza got Pelosied”? You know, like the time Nancy Pelosi pushed a resolution backing Israel's one-sided slaughter of 1,400 people—including almost 300 children—in 2009.

Or did you mean it like: “The migrants at the border are being Pelosied”? Let's not forget Pelosi's insistence that she opposes Trump's Fascist Wall only because she wants “more effective” means of militarizing the border and policing immigrants.

Or maybe you meant it like: “The people in Guantanamo and Abu-Ghraib got Pelosied.” Remember, as the leading Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, Nancy Pelosi knew about the government’s torture policy in 2002 and did nothing to oppose it.

Or by “Pelosi that shit,” did you have some other monstrous crime in mind that we're supposed to cheer for because it was carried out by a woman?

[2] Exactly how many people is it okay to massacre or cage in order to claw one’s way to the top of this imperialist dungheap called America?

That night you “contextualized” the towering crimes of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Kamala Harris by insisting that we appreciate what it takes to be the “first”:

“What I'm really, really, really bothered by is the way that people think that you’re radical and you’re right because you can yell out '[Kamala] was a prosecutor and that's bad.' Or, 'She locked people up for truancy,' which is bad, without thinking about: What does she have to do to even have a shot at being president?”

Well that really, really, really begs the question: If in order to become “the first,” Kamala Harris had to throw Black and other oppressed people in prison... and Hillary had to call Black youth “super predators,” threaten to “obliterate” Iran, back a coup in Honduras, destroy Libya... and Obama had to drone bomb 7 countries, set records for deportations, call Black youth “thugs” for rising up against the police murder of Freddie Gray... then why the hell should anyone want to be the first, second, third, or any part of that?

The truth: We don’t need fresh new faces on the same rotten system, we need to OVERTHROW this system through an actual revolution.

[3] A “typical man”? No, I’m a revolutionary communist.

Brittney led the audience to drown me out because I am a man. This is wrong. I don't speak as a male. I speak as a representative of the fundamental interests of the 7 billion people on this planet. I don't base myself on my own experience or anyone else's, but on a scientific understanding of the real roots of the problem and the solution to the excruciating conditions that humanity faces every single day.

To those interested only in rearranging who is on top of this fucking nightmare, I've got nothing to say to you.

To those who really want to end all this oppression and get humanity free, stop getting played by focusing only on identity and deal with the CONTENT of what we’re fighting for, because it holds the way out.

For those who are serious, this is the place to start: Watch Why We Need An Actual Revolution, And How We Can Really Make Revolution, a speech by the leader of the revolution, Bob Avakian, at REVCOM.US.

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