“A Well Thought Out Alternative”—Excerpted Comments from a Retired Minister

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Monday I went to be in solidarity with the nurses in their action at Harlem hospital. On a light pole I saw a flier from the RCP comparing the Trump/Pence response to the pandemic to how an RCP-led country would respond with direct quotes from Avakian’s proposed constitution. It was a very impressive piece with the difference between night and day.... I would get that out there asap. I’d love to see it again. More important, it clearly and concretely illustrates the better way. Not just a critique of Trump/Pence but a well thought out alternative, something for us to think about and have conversations with neighbors about....

I could write a whole other essay on my history with communists, some of the best people I have ever known, but this is not that. Whatever else you might say about Avakian, he is certainly thorough in cases like this laying out what a decent, effective and efficient governmental policy related to public health and epidemics might look like. Written years before this Corona virus global pandemic just because, well, epidemics happen. They are part of our life. Certainly not like this one, but.... Suffice it to say, if I had to choose between Trump and the Revcoms, well, all power to the people....




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