Collaboration Between White Supremacist Militia and Police in the Kenosha Shooting of Protesters



From a reader:

A little before midnight on Tuesday in Kenosha, two people were shot and killed and at least one other wounded by white supremacist militia types. These thugs had taken it on themselves to supposedly guard a “boarded-up” gas station on Sheridan Road in Kenosha.  

Videos posted on social media1 show:

* A militia member openly claims that police told the militia fascists that they would push protesters “down by them” so that they could “deal with them.”

* Shooter identified by crowd is seen earlier being offered water by riot pigs who thanked the white supremacist militia, saying, “We appreciate you guys being out here.”

* Fascist thug identified by the crowd as the shooter heads towards the police and National Guard arriving on the scene in vehicles. He has a long gun across his chest that he keeps handling, sometimes his hands up as if to surrender. As captured on video, the pigs don’t even get out to detain him. One after the other, they drive on past after asking a question.

* Recruiting for the fascist militia in Kenosha appeared on InfoWars. The alleged shooter’s social media is all about “Blue Lives Matter.”

* Protester Devin Scott, 19, told the Chicago Tribune that he witnessed one of the shootings: “We were all chanting ‘Black lives matter’ at the gas station and then we heard, boom, boom, and I told my friends, ‘That’s not fireworks,’ and then this guy with this huge gun runs by us in the middle of the street and people are yelling, ‘He shot someone! He shot someone!’ And everyone is ... chasing him and then he started shooting again.” Scott said he cradled one of the victims in his arms.

Echoing Trump’s “When the Looting Starts, the Shooting Starts,” white supremacist militia yelled at Black Lives Matter demonstrators earlier, “You loot, we shoot.”2 As many have noted, it was the day after the Republican National Convention promoted the wealthy St. Louis couple who stood with guns and threatened BLM protesters walking by their house.


1. See videos posted @IGD_News and @JoshuaPotash  [back].

2. Chicago Sun Times 8/26.  [back]



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