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We Must be in the Streets Until Trump and Pence Are Gone!
#Trump/Pence OutNow!

In the name of humanity,
we refuse to accept a fascist America

Issued November 6, 2020


World-changing events are unfolding with Biden set to win the electoral college and popular vote and the Trump/Pence regime trying to complete their coup and theft of this election. It is a positive that Biden is on track to be able to declare victory in this election. Imagine if the opposite had been true. Trump and his forces would be gloating and emboldened to harass and terrorize the people and accelerate their moves to hammer in a fascist nightmare. With this loss, there is no veil of legitimacy over Trump’s claims of victory and cries of election fraud.

It is critical that the people not let up their struggle now. Trump is filing lawsuits to overturn the results up to the Supreme Court. His MAGA thugs are mobilized. Our people need to be mobilized –  taking to the streets, non-violent but determined to stop the theft of the election and this hateful course. As long as Trump and his regime are still in power, as long as their followers are filled with passionate vengeance, they can still prevail through legal and extra-legal means. Newt Gingrich, a fascist and unofficial advisor to Trump said on Fox News of Trump’s messianic followers: “I think as they watch Joe Biden’s Democratic Party steal the election in Philadelphia, steal the election in Atlanta, steal the election in Milwaukee, I think the more information that comes out, the greater the rage is going to be.”

We cannot let them dominate the public space and public discourse. Our mass non-violent protests should be fired up with the certitude that comes from standing up against their towering bigotry and hate that imperils all of humanity and the earth. We must build on the work that many have done to oppose the crimes of this regime and to get out the vote, braving the obstacles thrown in people’s paths. Now, our struggle is entering a new phase … as the fascist regime and their supporters shatter even more norms to prevent a peaceful transfer of power, relying on their masses in the streets to intimidate and bludgeon us into passivity.

Tens of millions of people voted for a fascist program that has tortured immigrants, unleashed white supremacist terror, exacerbated the climate crisis, spread lies and COVID, and stacked the courts with theocratic Christian fascists. These forces saw Trump as their last chance to hammer in their unchallenged domination over society and government. They have packed the Supreme Court and for several months still have control over the levers of power. They will not just walk away from this. This fight for the future of humanity is far from over.

The people must seize this moment and go all the way to driving this regime out and driving this fascist movement back from every part of society. Our side must unite, organize, and be in the streets. As the Trump/Pence regime tries to complete their election theft in the courts, giving their false grievances an air of legality, millions in a mass movement from below must not stand for illegitimate sham hearings that normalize a fascist, murderous regime. Fascism, whether it comes to power or remains in power through fair or foul means, is NEVER legitimate.

To confront the challenge of removing this regime and bringing these white supremacist, patriarchal, xenophobic assaults on the lives of millions of people to a halt, we are going to have to organize and mobilize on a whole other level. Sign up at refusefascism.org and get connected. Find where and when Refuse Fascism gathers in the public square in your town – come and join us and bring your crew.

We pledge to stay in the streets and demand Trump/Pence Out Now! We will not stop until they’re gone.


Protesters march through the Loop in Chicago to demand every vote be counted in the general election, November 5. (Photo: AP)



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