Ominous Developments in Kenosha as Pig Derek Chauvin Trial Nears

Dispatch from the Revolution Club, Chicago



On Friday, March 26, Kenosha, Wisconsin, Police Chief Daniel Miskinis issued a statement announcing that 55 people (49 adults and six juveniles) had been identified who “were involved in crimes during the protest that followed the shooting of Jacob Blake by a Kenosha police officer on August 23.” These 55 have been referred for various charges, including arson, burglary, conspiracy to commit theft of narcotics, battery, criminal damage, disorderly conduct, and gun charges. While no one has yet been charged in federal court, federal charges on the arson cases are expected to be brought later this spring.

According to the Kenosha News, there has been a steady stream of charges being filed over the last two months, and the District Attorney and his office have been working with investigators to file charges and seek warrants. The police have been studying security videos and claim to have identified local residents. They are also continuing investigations to “identify suspects from outside the area” and expect more arrests in the coming months.

Readers of will remember that Clyde McLemore, the leader of Black Lives Matter Lake County, Illinois, was recently charged with felony attempted battery and threatening a police officer for kicking the door to the police station during the protests of Jacob Blake’s shooting.

Meanwhile, the pig who shot Jacob Blake seven times in the back in front of his kids is walking free and faces no charges whatsoever. Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenage fascist who killed two people and wounded a third with an assault weapon during the protests, is free on bond and was recently seen celebrating with members of the Proud Boys in a Kenosha bar.

The fact that they are rounding people up seven months after the events surrounding the shooting of Jacob Blake—and only days before the trial of Derek Chauvin is set to begin in Minneapolis and at the same time as the fascist defenders of the January 6 attempted coup are calling for going after “Antifa” and “Black Lives Matter”—is an ominous development.

Stayed tuned for further updates.

Hundreds in Kenosha, Wisconsin protest cop shooting of Jacob Blake, seven shots that left him paralyzed, August 29, 2020. Photo: AP



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