Another Murder by Pig Declared “Justified”

Prosecutor Announces Decision on Police Killing of Andrew Brown, Jr.



May 18—A North Carolina prosecutor announced today that the police killing of Andrew Brown, Jr. was “justified” and that no charges would be brought against the cops involved in the shooting. On April 20, sheriffs in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, fired multiple shots at Andrew Brown, Jr. as he was in his car trying to flee for his life. He was killed with a fatal shot to the back of his head. Like in so many other murders by pigs, time after time across the U.S., the prosecutor claimed that the killing of Andrew Brown, Jr. was “justified” because the pigs “reasonably” believed that they were in danger—even though he was driving away from the cops and possessed no weapon. This completely outrageous decision shows once again how Black people are hunted down like animals of prey by this system’s police who terrorize and murder with impunity. This must be put to a STOP!

Andrew Brown, Jr.



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