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What is Revolution Books?

At a moment when the planet and future of humanity are in peril...when so many are agonizing over where things are headed yet dreaming of something far better...Revolution Books is where you find the way out of the madness. Here the search for the truth meets the poetic spirit—with books, authors, films, and performance. Here you find the most radical revolution in the work and leadership of Bob Avakian who has developed the new communism aimed at the emancipation of humanity. A revolution to overthrow this system, and create a society and world in which human beings can truly flourish and the imagination can soar. Welcome to Revolution Books.

Events for Revolution Books stores in New York and Berkeley are listed here, including online events co-sponsored by both stores.

New York


Store open for browsing and shopping: Tues-Thurs-Fri-Sat-Sun 12-6 pm.
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437 Malcolm X Blvd (at 132nd St) (2/3 train to 135th St)
New York, NY 10037
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Suggested donation for events at Revolution Books $5-10

*Most events at Revolution Books are presented by the Revolution Books Educational Fund,
a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization.


Celebration of International Women's Day 2023 at RevBooks in Harlem - Saturday, March 11, 3pm
Saturday, March 11, 3pm

Unleash the Fury of Women as a Mighty Force for Revolution

Come be part of International Women's Day. 

We need a Revolution – Nothing Less

to free women from centuries of oppression as part of freeing humanity from all forms of oppression.

If you are infuriated by the Supreme Court overturning the right
to abortion...
If you are inspired by the women of Iran and Latin America rising
up for women to be free...
If you have ever wondered if women could be liberated from a
world of exploitation, male supremacy and all forms of gender

* * *
We Don’t Have to Live This Way—When We Have a
Chance for Something Much Better!

Imagine women/people from Iran come and read out statements or
poetry written about or by those who are rebelling and are held within
the prison walls.

Imagine musicians playing music that soars with the hopes and
aspirations of half of humanity rising to throw off these chains and
bring a whole different world into being.

Imagine testimony from high school youth right here in NYC who are
refusing to accept being treated as less than full human beings.

Imagine women from Colombia, Mexico and Dominican Republic
giving voice to the struggles they waged, and some have won, in the
streets over abortion and exposing the epidemic of femicide.

Imagine people together watching video clips of Bob Avakian, the
leader of the revolution, on how the struggle for the liberation of
women is pivotal to the emancipation of all humanity and a central
dynamic for a total revolution.

Imagine the word and visions of IWD celebrations in the US
spreading to our sisters and brothers around the world.

Unleash the Fury of Women
as a Mighty Force for Revolution!

Capitalism and Patriarchy — You Can't End One
Without Ending the Other

Abortion On Demand and Without Apology
Forced Motherhood Is Female Enslavement

Carl Dix: The Imperialist Proxy War over Ukraine and the Looming Danger of World War 3
Friday, March 24, 7:00pm

A Presentation by Carl Dix and Discussion:

The Imperialist Proxy War over Ukraine and the Looming Danger of World War 3

The rulers of this country are willing to risk nuclear war and the possible end to human civilization, in order to maintain the bloody U.S. empire and its position as number one oppressor in the world.


If you're NOT willing...Come to RB this Friday.

Carl will get into: 

--What's behind the war over Ukraine

--Why this is NOT a battle between democracy and autocracy

--Why America is NOT a force for good in the world

--Where the interests of humanity lie in this urgent moment

* * *

CARL DIX is a long-time revolutionary. He is a follower of the revolutionary leader Bob Avakian. In 1970, Carl was part of the largest refusal of GIs to go to Vietnam and served time in Leavenworth military prison.

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These people are willing to risk nuclear war, are you willing to go along?
Sunday Discussions at Revolution Books, 3-5PM
Every Sunday 3-5 pm

Discussions Every Sunday, 3-5pm at Revolution Books on the Work of Bob Avakian

Join followers of Bob Avakian and others in-person to watch and wrestle with Bob Avakian’s answers to some of the most crucial questions humanity faces at this moment.

Check social media for upcoming topics or call 212-691-3345.

Past topics:
*From The Bob Avakian Interviews (link): “This is your mission: to put revolution on the map in 2023.” What does that mean?  How can we do this?  Why is revolution more possible now?

*From The Bob Avakian Interviews (link): Why 'Sex Work' Is Not 'Agency' But Degradation and Nightmare”

*From 2012 Bob Avakian film: Revolution, Nothing Less!: "Capitalism & Patriarchy - You Can't End One Without Ending the Other!" But We CAN END BOTH. Come get into why and how.

Volunteers needed!

Contact us at or DM on social media to find out about regular gatherings for new and ongoing volunteers.

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2444 Durant Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94704

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JOIN the fund drive to support Revolution Books: a center of a movement for revolution. We put the whole world first – not USA #1! We carry a wide range of poetry, fiction, analysis, exposure, art, science, revolutionary theory and more from many angles and perspectives. This is a place where people are honestly debating, arguing, digging into the reality we face, what is the root of it and what is the solution – why we must move beyond capitalism, why a real revolution is necessary, and what is its goal. Why poetry, music, science, awe and wonder at nature and art are essential to life and revolution. All this flows from the new communism developed by the revolutionary leader Bob Avakian, which is the core of our store.

We confront an agonizing and dangerous world: one hundred million refugees in the world right now; women slammed back in country after country – also in places rise in waves that shake old orders; the U.S. and Russia escalate a bloody proxy war over Ukraine that could lead to nuclear war; the environmental crisis accelerates; the rulers of the U.S. locked in bitter divisions, with the Republicans intent on imposing full-out fascism.

Jolts shake society, one after the other. Talk of civil war is increasingly in the air.  In this situation, a movement for revolution - that fosters critical thinking, brings forward an ethos of broadness of mind and generosity of spirit, and shines a light on why capitalism itself is the problem, and why we have to overthrow it - can change the world.  
Revolution Books is one center of that movement. Join us in raising $5,000 to help put revolution, and Revolution Books, on the map!

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"We can no longer afford to allow these imperialists to dominate the world and to determine the destiny of humanity. They need to be overthrown as quickly as possible." —Bob Avakian, The Bob Avakian Interviews

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