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What is Revolution Books?

Revolution Books is the political, intellectual, and cultural center of a movement for an actual revolution. A place that values critical thinking, the poetic spirit, and the search for the truth. With a breadth of books and discussion that engage the biggest questions confronting humanity. Whose beating heart is the work and leadership of Bob Avakian—the architect of a whole new framework for human emancipation, the new communism.

Events for Revolution Books stores in New York and Berkeley are listed here, including online events co-sponsored by both stores.

New York

Ngugi wa Thiong'o and Andy Zee at grand opening in Harlem

Store open for browsing and shopping: Tues-Thurs-Fri-Sat-Sun 2-7pm.
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437 Malcolm X Blvd (at 132nd St) (2/3 train to 135th St)
New York, NY 10037
212-691-3345 |

Suggested donation for events at Revolution Books $5-10

*Most events at Revolution Books are presented by the Revolution Books Educational Fund,
a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization.

There are currently no scheduled events. Come back later to check.



Revolution Books, Berkeley

2444 Durant Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94704

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Hours are Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, 1pm-6pm. Or call 510/848-1196.

Countdown to Glasgow—and Wrenching a Different Future at a Time of Existential Crisis
October 29, Friday, 6-8pm

Countdown to Glasgow—and Wrenching a Different Future at a Time of Existential Crisis. The Glasgow Conference of Parties will meet Oct. 31-Nov. 12, but they do not represent the billions of people now facing a bleak future, if they have a future at all. What is urgently needed is system change to deal with climate change. Join this discussion.

Photo showing emissions from coal powered plant