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In the Name of Humanity, We REFUSE To Accept a Fascist America
A Better World IS Possible
A Talk by Bob Avakian

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From a Reader:
On BA’s Talk on the Trump/Pence Fascist Regime: “Wow!”

[This talk] is a truly masterful concentration of both current conjunctural (fascism on the rise) and deeper historical roots analyses (how did we get to this point and why?), along with leadership being given to what to do about all this, all while never failing to reveal and confidently proceed back from the largest and most strategic objectives of the New Communism, while also providing a school of method and principle, plus an outlining of the basic pathway forward in practice for those with whom unity can be forged in the current conjuncture even if they don’t yet share (and might never share) those ultimate communist objectives. A model of solid core, with lots of elasticity based on the solid core. A model of unite all who can be united, on the right basis and with the right methods. A model of calm confidence and certitude based on science. A model of decency, of morality, of approachability, of humor and compassion, and yes of hope, all the while not falling into the slightest bit of tailing or ass-kissing and instead waging ferocious polemical struggle with the masses of different strata to work on those living contradictions and challenge and bust through the obstacles and the confining and paralyzing frameworks of this period. And all in an hour. Wow! And then with it the Q&As, with all its intangibles, substance, remarkable scientific ease and liveliness on full display ‘off the cuff’—Wow yet again!

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From a Reader:

03 January 2018

I suggested to an old friend, a Black woman from Detroit, that she watch BA’s speech. She did and sent me this comment immediately after watching it.

She wrote:

In response to Bob Avakian’s speech

He nailed it! Such a powerful speech!!! He called out the “christian fascists.”

So much truth about genocide, racism, slavery, bigotry-he called it like it is! True that since 1960s fascism has greatly accelerated! Reality is that the “church” had it done its job of preaching love for all mankind, slavery would never had taken place!!! So much in his speech that-I could go on and on.

We are in a disastrous and frightening situation!!!! The scary part is that so many people are unaware of what’s actually taking place society is fragmented--purposely pitted against each other because if unified this could not be happening!!! I do believe that there are many others like Bob who are as outraged as those who are affected!!! Even spoke on myth that America is the leader of the “free” world--I mean he touched on every conceivable injustice !!!!

He is very knowledgeable... spoke on crimes in Middle East and the consequences--where’s humanity in all of this! More people have to WAKE UP and act in the interest of humanity!!!! And stay WOKE

“Avakian is saying we need to take to the streets and drive out the Trump regime, and I’m with him on that.”

It was an excellent speech. I liked the way Bob Avakian developed the whole thing of capitalism and how he dealt with the history of Black people. I liked how he dealt with the Republicans and Democrats and how they’re all on the same team, which reminded me of a speech he gave years ago, “You Can’t Beat the Enemy While Raising His Flag,” because that’s the same flag of the Nazis, the KKK, the skinheads. That’s the same flag they raised when they castrated and hung Black people. The same flag Black people went to war under and came back and couldn’t get any justice in this country, still under segregation, racism. So that put me in the mind of that.

After Black men fought and died for this country in WW2, segregation still continued. German prisoners of war had better seats on the train than Black soldiers who had fought and died for this country.

And when he talked about the Nazis and Hitler, and people remaining silent, or saying we’re on the same team—no, we’re not on the same team. They’re on the team of murder and plunder and racism and sexism—we’re not on that team. That goes back to what I said: You can’t beat the enemy while raising his flag. And back to the part he said about the Democrats and the Republicans being on the same team, and they are. READ MORE.

Thoughts on Nov. 4, 2017: “This speech challenged me to stand strong in a new way”

I am a Black 69-year-old retired public school teacher who has lived my life building for revolution in this country. I have been a supporter of the RCP since 1978. I have followed the line of this organization as it spoke to the highest interests of humanity: an end to oppression and inequality. It has taught me how to stand on the right side of history.

So, I have studied the writings and speeches of Bob Avakian for a while. At the insistence of my best sister friend, I studied the speech about Nov 4th. I got blown away with a 21st wind of analysis that spoke to the horrid reality of what we are living with, in real time. I had thought, “You know what he’s going to say” and quickly had to cast away that illusion. The analysis of history leading us to today’s world was clear & spot on.  READ MORE.



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