Prisoners Write on the Fight Against the Trump/Pence Fascist Regime and the Need for Revolution

May 7, 2018 | Revolution Newspaper |


Revolution receives many letters from prisoners writing on a range of topics. The following are excerpts from letters from prisoners writing about the Trump/Pence regime and the need for revolution. In previous weeks we posted excerpts from prisoner letters on Bob Avakian and communist revolution and on the oppression and emancipation of women.


“This system is a failure and not just for this country but for this whole world – and must go”

Hey there revolutionaries. Hope the Party is holding firm to its principles, orientation, comrades & solace in the people.

Additionally hope no one is taking these monsters or their capability for granted. ‘Nough said on that…

Really struck how these two poles of the bourgeois political machine is in total spin mode with this dumbing down of Amerikkka. ... Newt Gingrich, Hannity, Laura Ingram, & Sheryl Atkins, et al all have a cold agenda that is equally potent, poisonous, and self-replicating as Charlie Rose, Chuck Todd, George Stephanopolous, et al. And any one at the seat of power (capitalist) should and must be proud of them all for they are all simply serving to keep everyone constrained within the logic of empire.

I’m with you guys on the urgency of the moment “but” this is just this system reconfiguring itself to address the actual freedom and necessity of this moment – just one way it could evolve and chase to of course.

However, I will not scream No Trump No KKK etc. without also screaming something that acknowledges this system must go & can’t be reformed. Want to air out my criticism about tactics in dealings wit’ these Trump Nazi clowns, but obviously leaders of these confrontations don’t understand what they’re about, willing to do, or how much support they have.

And Heather Heyer’s death speaks volumes to me… This can not be a repeat of the sit-ins or the Bull Connor ’60s. We aren’t waging a revolution, so I’m not saying Balls out. I’m just sayin’ we can not allow our people to be victims. Point—blank—period. But as Mao said, her death is mightier than a mountain & definitely not in vain. Heather Heyer’s!

Trump said something that was very true. What about George Washington et al. I heard a professor on Democracy Now! saying: that was indicative of how misinformed he was to contrast “our founding fathers who built a nation (USA) and Confederate soldiers who fought to keep slavery.” I thought that to be just a backward ass jigga–boo statement. What Trump said is right. What’s the difference? How can George Washington be your hero but Jefferson Davis be castigated & where does it stop?

So obviously people need to ask and answer that question, & it shouldn’t be dismissed. This goes back to my point, we (I can’t) speak to any of this stuff without concluding this system is a failure and not just for this country but for this whole world—and must go.

We live in a capitalist country. We have no power. Nor are we even close to getting’ this party started. So we must learn to use the freedom of now not just to educate and prepare minds but to actually achieve material gains for that preparation.

Trump could’ve been voted out, especially for anyone who thinks it would be a victory simply to drive him from power which I don’t share if it’s in a vacuum & not tied to our overall objective of changing this whole country and world so that there is never the threat of nuclear war, mass starvation or global exploitation. Not just drive these men & women from power. That should be critiqued…

And too, we must engage our anarchist/Antifas brothers and sisters. Cornel West said if not for them, people would have been much worse off in Virginia. So I must salute them above all others because at least they know this is not dress up and the people shall not be touched. But they must learn that without ideology, rules and a culture that helps usher in a humane world & just being ready to rock & roll ain’t good enough.

My battles in here are very serious. This is a 24-hours-a-day torture, punishment and retaliation. And my only defense to any of it, save the eyes in the back of my head, is the pen, which is really not powerful at all. But if they don’t kill me or have one of these broken men do so, I can use [it] when I’m able to expose them.

In so many ways these are sad times for any conscious man here. Too many quislings and they’re very violent quislings so they can not be taken lightly. There’s a sting like a gust of wind that’s forever blowing in my eyes due to sadness of this moment—for us all—so it’s pins and needles and a permanent sting right behind my eyeballs but not one single boo-hoo or woe is me. Just dialectical materialism & me & us & this beautiful world which we must save.

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“The capitalistic fascist of america 1%ers are the real thieves and genocidal mass murderers and exploitationists of humanity and natural resources”

Dear Comrades and BA.



It is not uncommon to hear these days, from government officials and others, that only 1 percent of the population is in the U.S. military but that this 1 percent is fighting for the freedom of the other 99 percent. The truth, however, is this: That 1 percent, in the military, is in reality fighting for the other 1 percent: the big capitalist-imperialists who run this country—who control the economy, the political system, the military, the media, and the other key institutions—and who dominate large parts of the world, wreaking havoc and causing great suffering for literally billions of people. It is the “freedom” of these capitalist-imperialists—their freedom to exploit, oppress, and plunder—that this 1 percent in the military is actually killing and sometimes dying for.

Bob Avakian, BAsics 1:5

Conscience based on the supposition and piety of the fascist elite, the upper middle class and one percent of the world whose sense of superiority and classicism, and their superficial life experience, over that of the marginalized and disenfranchised people of color and whites that are the hard working poor of this country and around the world, yet the latter uses us as the beast of burden, for their own proficient profitability…

The capitalistic fascist of america 1%ers are the real thieves and genocidal mass murderers and exploitationists of humanity and natural resources, polluting the air, rivers, ocean, land, earth ecosystem. How many years before man and woman become extinct, because of human greed, hate, indifference, war, incompetence, because trump and other fascist regimes of the same mind! the marginalized, the ecosystems, the poor of the world, will suffer at the hands of the few, because of unethical and corrupt big american and foreign industrialist government entities, who are fascist legislative environmental—regulators whose bribery and kick backs, are the norm, so no oversight and laxity of regulations…

Once this country and others are purged of this parasitical dysfunction and attrition systemic abuse of power and oppression and blatant disregard of and freedoms afforded us by the U.S. constitution and civil rights, which the trump regime is secretly trying to eradicate. Trump is very much truculent! The fascists say “if you hate america so much, why are you here?” Because capitalistic america fucked up a lot of countries where [it] is hard to make a living. america just less fucked up!


Graphic imagePRLF is an educational literature fund that sends Revolution newspaper (, works from Bob Avakian, (Chairman of the RCP) and other revolutionary and scientific literature to hundreds of prisoners across the U.S. PRLF has fought attempts by prison officials to censor these publications. For example, the ACLU of Southern California successfully represented PRLF in a censorship battle focused on Pelican Bay State Prison with statewide ramifications in California.

To donate to the work of the PRLF, go HERE.

So with socialism, social science, us the collective proletariat, can eliminate corruption, greed, misogyny, fascism, hate mongering, the upper middle class and wealthy one percenters Christian fascists, who use religious dogma to keep the masses obedient and servile!

Real freedom, equality, justice, education, peace is tangible for all, so continuity and vanguarding of this new synthesis of socialism and social science is a must to overcome the adversities and polarizing of classes, race, misogyny, mass incarceration and ethnic cleansing of the disenfranchised minority!!!

Progress and progressiveness are predicated on sacrificing one’s life and liberty if need be!!! For the future of our children and for their children, our wives, elderly and defenseless!...

P.S. thank you for opening up my eyes and blessing me with powerful knowledge. Now i see. Thanks to all of you at “PRLF” and BA. They can keep my body in a cage but not my mind, heart. It belongs to the struggle of our collective cause for freedom from this capitalistic fascist regime! i will never work or help in any way to further prison of the fascist monopoly that oppress us. fuckem. You have my heart and mind to the end! and yes i pass on the knowledge of the struggle. A female comrade would help as well the reach out side of these walls of fascist oppression!!!

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“America was never great”

How could we “Make America Great Again,” when in fact America was never great? Or a better question to ask is who was America ever great to other than the people who took this country and enslaved a whole race of people. African-Americans were kidnapped, brought over here and forced to build this country on slave labor. So how could anyone say America was once great? America enslaved African-Americans for 400 years. For 400 long painful years my ancestors were forced to work tobacco plantations and cotton fields, while the oppressors of America sat back and enjoyed the luxuries their hard labor provided. Black people never benefited anything productive from America. So to say “Make America Great Again” is simply a derogatory statement because one can’t turn a blind eye to the pain, torture, and struggle we went through and still go through here in America today.

In 1857 (Dred Scott v. Sandford), Dred Scott a slave, sued for his liberty and his claim was rejected by the Southern dominated Supreme Court. Arguing that slaves were property, not people, and as such, they were not citizens and therefore lacked standing in a court of law. Nor can we forget how Jim Crow Southerners successfully stripped away most of the civil, political and economic rights of African-Americans. Where voting rights were suppressed through tactics such as literacy tests, poll taxes, and the infamous grandfather clause. And to discourage resistance, vigilante groups like the Ku Klux Klan waged a campaign of terror on African-Americans, such as arson, beatings, and lynchings. So for someone who was forced to endure this it’s like a slap in the face to hear someone say this was once great.

I think we need to focus more on how we can make America better as a whole because we can’t continue to ignore the oppression, racism, and police brutality we face here in America. The late great Malcolm X once said we need to focus on a common solution for a common problem. We know the problem at hand, so how do we create a solution for equal opportunity? Where no matter your race, gender, religion, or criminal history, we’ll all have the same opportunities for jobs, education, and housing.

Here in America we tend to focus more on what’s going on in other countries, and turn a blind eye to the things that are taking place here in our own back yards. So I say let’s focus on making America better than what it is and has been for all these years…


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“We must speak out against Trump’s attempts to wage war against North Korea”


For me, Trump’s repeated threats to destroy North Korea is very disturbing as well revealing about the double standards in the culture we live in.

Stop and think about Trump’s threats...He is nonchalantly saying that he wants to destroy North Korea. That means that he wants to kill every living creature there!

Now, imagine if a random stranger came out and publicly declared that he wants, or is going to destroy LA, NY, etc. What do you think would happen? It’s safe to assume that he/she would be labeled a terrorist and prosecuted/persecuted by the authorities. And the average person living in the U.S. would think of him/her as a psychopath/dangerous person.

In Trump’s case however, most authorities and U.S. civilians not only don’t denounce Trump, but on the contrary applaud him when he makes such threats in his public speeches.

Why is this the case? Because America has self proclaimed itself as the “good guys.” And the country that doesn’t obey the “good guys’” orders is said to be evil, and therefore a threat to America, the world, or democracy.

So is North Korea really a threat to America? Bullshit! North Korea has never attacked America. Even on the news you hear people saying that North Korea’s missiles could possibly reach America’s East Coast. No word about them having any solid evidence that North Korea is going to attack America. And America’s claims that they’re so concerned with protecting democracy is bullshit too, because if that was the case, then they wouldn’t support places like Saudi Arabia where the country is ran by a King and his allies – monarchy. And where women are seen and treated as men’s property. Or places like Mexico where the country is ran by the narco-traffickers and the corrupt government officials—narco state. And where journalists get killed on a regular basis for exposing said corruption. And the list goes on...

So with all that in mind, we must reject America’s culture of double standards and we must speak out against Trump’s attempts to wage war against North Korea, regardless of what lies (or alternative facts, as his administration likes to call it) he uses in order to justify his crimes. “No more American exceptionalism! No more wars of empire! Down with Trump’s fascist regime!”

In Solidarity,

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“I see now who [Trump] really is and Trump/Pence must go!”

PRLF has opened my eyes to view the United States as what it is and not what it appears to be. When I return to society, I will make sure that my community know about Revolution and get as many supporters as I can. When you’re not really paying attention to what goes on in the world, you tend to be left behind or don’t understand the reason for well thought out decisions. I used to think that Trump was just getting picked on because of who he is and what he believed in but once I started reading some of Revolution’s material last year from another inmate at XXX Correctional, I see now who he really is and Trump/Pence must go! Once again thanks for the literature and I look forward to receiving more.

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“Trump’s election did not change America’s position, nor her nature”

To: Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund

I first want to give a shout out/salute to all those locked away in cement tombs, those that are oppressed by this racist regime they call America, & those that struggle, resist, & fight. I want to speak truth to power, or power into truth regarding mass incarceration in this Trump era. No dictator shall ever dictate our stance, position, nor form of revolutionary strategy because Trump’s election did not change America’s position, nor her nature. She played the role as a seductive temptress during the Obama era. A few pardons, change in the 1 to 100 ratio crack/cocaine, and a “I’m my brother’s keeper” slogan. Now she’s the bitter white wife of a redneck klansman. Should we pretend to be shocked by her homophobia, xenophobia, Islamophobia & the countless other phobias she suffers. I think not. Neither era had very much if any effect on the 2.4 million she has oppressed, locked up, stripped of citizenship, & relegated us back to the Jim Crow era while the people was rocked to sleep by crafty politicians & their covert attack on the poor people of color with tough on crime, & war on drugs ruse.

As a captive and a progressive revolutionary, Bob Avakian’s new synthesis has aided me in my struggle to take scientific methods & make them applicable to the people. I am the grandson of a Black Panther so it runs in my veins. All power to the people!


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“It’s unbelievable how these politicians will straight up lie to the people & how we don’t do anything about it”

Well I’m thinking that politics and politicians on both sides are so corrupt due to the campaign system & the vast amounts of $ needed for them to get elected. I think this alone is such a huge wall to overcome. It’s unbelievable how these politicians will straight up lie to the people & how we don’t do anything about it. In the meantime our coffers are being robbed and our country is 20 trillion in immediate debt yet the people don’t rise up! Or how it was so obvious how Bernie Sanders was straight up shafted by the Democrat party & their “super delegates” & no one did anything! Or how the CIA is flooding this nation w/ heroin & getting away w/ it…

Something has to be done about this madness! I see out there constantly on the march! I’ve seen ya’ll in the newspapers & on the news! Carl Dix & everybody! The time is now! I’m doing my part. Ya’ll are doing yours. It’s time for everyone to step up & get beyond active! Forward comrades! Forward! The long march continues! It’s time for everyone to get their boots dirty!

My Appreciation


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“The Trump/Pence regime is a severe threat to humanity”

Revolutionary Greetings To All My Comrades.

Thank you for (PRLF) that I’ve been receiving. I’ve been having discussions with other prisoners and sharing the (PRLF) to expose them of the truth. Here’s a summary of what I’ve gotten. Trump attacks directly to the agenda of Christianity fascism/fascist ruling class. Their aim is to impose rule by dictates of fundamentalist Christianity on the U.S. Tillerson tried to work things out with North Korea over nuclear weapons. He was at China which implied he was doin all this through them. Donald Trump immediately tweets Tillerson to let him know he’s wasting his time & continues to mock and provoke Kim Jong-Un. Trump is a MORON as Tillerson called him. I agree. Trump continues to label Iran non-compliant on nuclear deal. He wants them to stop production. As his top advisors give him advice he completely rejects attempts to avoid war. He continues to provocate threats of war the probability that the (U.S.) will end in war, a nuclear war that is high...

The Trump/Pence regime is a severe threat to humanity. Trump acts as if it’s a dictatorship policy. They’ve rescinded a policy that protects transgenders, gutted the requirement that employers pay for birth control, lied about fetal development to advance federal abortion ban.

They have threatened military action against North Korea or Iran—the so call “calm before the storm”. Republicans are rapidly disenfranchising people of color, immigrants, and others to lock in a permanent Republican majority in Congress and choosing a President. Now on all the mass shootings in the United Snakes takes us to gun violence. To understand why you can’t just look at the question of guns but look more deeply at the characters of society that is shaping the people who are turning those guns on each other. U.S. relationship with violence in The Homeland has everything to do with slavery, genocide and the theft of land from Mexico. Gun control is not the answer. The system uses its guns in the hands of the police to murder people indiscriminately, Black and Brown people. The urgency of the call for massive, defiant, non-violent demonstrations is in our interest for humanity.

I will end as I entered with revolutionary spirit…

Footnote: I would like to further increase myself and earn some books. What do I need to do as you can see I am indigent but through my knowledge I can educate masses.

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“If man has arrogance, if man has pride, he insults himself even though he believes it is others who insult him.”

My friend, it hit me hard to know that that fascist pig Trump-Pence regime has worked the system to get in the “white house,” he already disturbed the peace. Distraction is everywhere. This fascist pig need to be stop right now… Their villanous is in full view. Fascist trump has illegitimate attack on people of color throughout the U.S.A., and this prison system. White supremacy have come out of the dark shadow. People of color don’t really understand what this mean to the world peace. Pig face trump not only hate people of color, but also women. Stand up, or be a part of this fascist regime, that what you do, when you don’t do nothing.  This so call U.S., have been the criminals for the beginning of time. This is Nazi Germany all over again. I am enraged. I let my voice be heard, and was put in Restrictive Housing unit (hole) for my so call conduct, given 60 days. White supremacy will kill, and we must stop pig face trump-pence regime in order to save peace.

I am a black man who been in prison almost 19 yrs and because of white people like pig face trump, the system was not fair on me. Black, Latino, Native and anybody who care about world peace, must stand up to the pig, and his clowns of nazi.

I will fight inside this prison, and when I get out, eliminating a world of evil, starting with Nazi pigs like trump. Today it was revealed that trump told one of his fascist pigs Sean Spicer to lie, that his inaugural had more people than Barack Obama. Make you think, what else the pig lie about? Everything. Stop this pig at all cost!! For world peace.

friend always

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