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Why I Support the “Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution Tour”



The Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution Tour has been a source of hope and inspiration since I first heard about it. My first thought was how could I get the tour to come to Houston? Or even to Galveston? Now I am being asked to put into words why it is so important to me. Our country was founded on racism and slavery, and even since the Reagan era, our civil rights have been under attack. Now the Trump regime is consolidating a fascist America more dangerous and threatening to humanity than the world has ever seen or known.

As conscious activists, we should find ourselves obligated to fight back and resist the consolidation of fascism. The Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution Tour has become an active spearhead in leading people in that struggle. Wherever they go, the purpose is to bring out and discuss the reality that there is an alternative to the electoral process and the BEB, the buzwah electoral bullshit.

The Democratic Party has done nothing to oppose the Trump/Pence regime’s attacks against humanity in the U.S. and around the world. When they had the chance to call for mass demonstrations to get Trump impeached and actually removed from office, they did not call for real change, but for more of the same. We have no reason to believe that they will do anything differently in the next eight months. Even the presidential candidates have ganged up against Bernie Sanders to support a more “moderate” Democrat. Historically, the Democrats have done nothing to oppose the consolidation of fascism in our country.

One of the symptoms of the rise of fascism is that most people fall in line quietly with whatever crimes against humanity the government carries out. Most people ignore it, couldn’t care less, bury their heads in the sand, and just wait until the next election to vote the less desirables, “the least of two evils,” out of office. They have become “good Germans,” citizens of Germany who were completely bamboozled, afraid to resist, or even supported the rise of Nazism. Like ugly Americans, they think the government is entitled to be the international bully of the world. Their lack of action and participation adds up to complicity in the rise and consolidation of fascism. Most people are content to wait until the next election and hope to vote the fascists out of power.

Meanwhile, the Trump regime continues to consolidate fascism in the U.S. Many people take the electoral process for granted and don’t realize it’s already unjust and running its course. Soon the government will find excuses to take away the right to vote. All around the country, fascists are taking all kinds of measures to prevent people from voting. The Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution Tour is aimed at convincing people that our government is consolidating fascism and that there is an alternative to the failing electoral process. We have to fight for radical social changes and revolution that will provide hope for a real democratic society.

A teacher in Galveston

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