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Fundraising for the National Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution Tour is at a critical juncture. Significant amounts of money are needed—at least $50,000 by the end of August, and much more past that—for this Tour to continue its work through the end of the year and beyond, and to spread the seeds of actual, overthrow-the-system revolution nationwide. This Sunday’s Livestream (August 25, 4:30 pm CDT, @tuneintorevcom) is an important focal point—a major leap needs to be made toward that $50,000 goal. 

The stakes are enormous, the time is short. The political landscape sharpens and grows more dangerous daily. This Tour brings people what they need, not the Bourgeois Electoral Bullshit droning constantly in the media, or the narrow identity politics that is, at bottom, just another form of “me first.” It brings them a movement for actual revolution. It introduces them to a leader, Bob Avakian, who has broken open a path for revolution that can lead to the emancipation of humanity, and can have a real chance at winning.

People on the Tour have committed themselves to making it succeed. They have left jobs, schools, homes, families and friends to get on this Tour. Huge funds are needed for housing, for transportation, for food, for material and equipment required to spread the word as widely as possible, and build up the beginnings of revolutionary organization across the country. Meeting and exceeding the fundraising goals is necessary to enable the Tour to expand its reach, to be able, for instance, to travel to “hot spots” where the crimes of the system are brought into sharp relief, like El Paso in the wake of the murders there; and to get Bob Avakian’s films shown to students and made a point of contention and inspiration in society broadly. The Tour urgently needs funding that goes to a whole other level so it can accomplish all this and more in the months ahead.

Some points of orientation for taking out and advancing the fund drive for the Tour:

  1. Fundraising for the Tour has to get well beyond those closest to the Revolution Clubs and most familiar with the work of Bob Avakian and the Revolutionary Communist Party he leads. There is a need, and a basis, for many, many more people to contribute significantly and meaningfully to this Tour, now—if we approach them in the spirit of “putting the revolution before people straight up, then letting them find their own level of commitment.” Building this movement is a process of unity as well as struggle.
  2. Put the need for funds—big funds—front and central. Fundraising is an important avenue through which the Tour can reach many new people—and bring forward much-needed support and new followers. Contributing money to the Tour is a form of beginning participation in the movement for revolution. 
  3. Raising money for the Tour is one of the “problems of the revolution that needs to be put before the masses.” Let donors know the financial goals we need to achieve and why it matters, and talk to them about how they can be part of this great project to spread revolution across the country. For instance, ask people to make a matching challenge to their friends and family or to be called into the Sunday Livestream. One way to get momentum going is to set some immediate goals of, say, 20 people donating $100 apiece or 100 people donating $20 apiece. Ask those you’re reaching out to to be one of those people. 
  4. Be daring, be creative, aim high. Artists can donate works for auction. Musicians can donate part or all of their proceeds on specific dates. Coworkers can be challenged to give a day’s pay. Many other forms can be developed—everything from yard sales to fundraising parties to bake sales, tamale sales and more can open up ways for many more people to be part of contributing funds and energy to the Tour.

This is a nationwide movement and Tour. Send in brief reports, videos, and photos of your experiences so we all can learn from each other. Send in statements from people about why they are contributing. (Email: revolution.reports@yahoo.com)

All out to make the $50,000 goal!

Click here to learn more about the Tour and follow its progress.

Sunday August 25, 4:30 pm CDT

Facebook Live from Chicago on @tuneintorevcom

This will be a chance to hear from the people who have been spreading the Get Organized For An ACTUAL Revolution Tour, how they have been impacting society with this message, what they have been learning. And they will be making the case for the need for major funds to push ahead to the next leg.

Next Stop New York City!

$50,000 by August 31

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