It’s Time to Wake Up Vallejo!



Revcom received this from someone who is active in the protests against the police murder of Willie McCoy.

We the residents of Vallejo, CA are mourning the murder of Willie McCoy, our dear friend, brother, uncle, cousin, son, boyfriend etc. May he Rest In Paradise.

The video footage VPD released only proves what we all believe happened on the night of February 9, 2019, these six animals (Ryan McMahon, Collin Eaton, Bryan Glick, Jordon Patzer, Anthony Romero-Cano and Mark Thompson) prepped to slaughter Willie McCoy. These six trigger-happy pigs were eager to murder Willie without any regards for HIS life. This was premeditated murder in the first degree! Law enforcement officers that KILL at WILL are guilty of war crimes, and must be prosecuted in the International Criminal Court on Crimes Against Humanity charges. There was no way my friend was leaving Taco Bell that night alive... 

TWENTY FIVE shots were fired into Willie’s unconscious body, twenty five! This is overkill, these pigs plotted to kill an innocent kind-hearted young man that was sleeping... These six police think they’re untouchable, they think they can get away with murder, and sweep this under the rug. NO we shall hold the VPD accountable as a community. 

This is the Bay Area, Vallejo CA and WE ARE OUTRAGED! 


VPD have always been corrupt rampaging through the city like thugs targeting black residents for years. Vallejo officers have been involved in over eight shootings since 2017, police brutality, illegal searches, false police reports, etc. Vallejo has been suffering. NO more No longer! How many more of our sisters and brothers do we need to lose to WAKE UP? I don’t want to protest about another one of my friends next month... The video footage hurt me, my spirit. Now these animals are just free back at work hiding behind a badge. 

VPD is victimizing Willie all over again and his family. Willie never reached for his gun! Even with a firearm on his lap, you’ve got to wake the citizen up with something other than semi-automatic pistol fire. These maniacs hunted him. “If he reaches for it..." one pig says, and nods, “Yup” the other pig replies. 

Willie’s passenger window was BROKEN! He didn’t get it fixed before this incident, there were sheets of plastic covering it, those pigs had access inside of the car all along, but the plan was to kill. Twenty five shots later they ask for him to raise his hands. Abuse of power, these pigs made their minds up together they were ready to kill! 

Death sentence for falling asleep. These six animals did not ask any questions, they need to be prosecuted and buried under the jail! We the residents of Vallejo are even more angry after watching the video footage of them hunting Willie McCoy. We shall continue to rise up for all our sisters and brothers lost to this corrupt system that’s made to kill us. 

VPD better make the right decisions fast. We the community will continue to hold these six animals accountable. It’s time to RISE UP! 

Love n peace B 



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