UCPD is surveilling and politically suppressing revolutionaries!

Which Side Are You On?

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Last week, the Revolution Club and the Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution Tour went around the UCLA campus doing a skit with a UC Police Department “pig” to draw attention to the case of the UCLA 5—five members of the Revolution Club, including students and alumni, facing criminal charges for participating in lawful (and absolutely righteous) political protests on campus—and to put a challenge to the students: Which side are you on? It has come out as part of this case that UCPD has been spying on the Revolution Club. This dangerous criminalization of protest and dissent is happening at a time of rising fascism, white supremacy, misogyny, and xenophobia, and EVERYONE with a conscience should demand that these illegitimate charges be dropped on the UCLA 5! At the same time, we are being targeted specifically because we are revolutionaries, and we wanted to let everyone know what this revolution is all about, and the radically different and better world we are fighting for, and draw forward the people who want to be part of that.

The pig skit definitely got people’s attention and turned their heads! We got out hundreds of flyers about the case. Along the way a number of people asked us about how they could learn more about this and some wanted to connect with the Revolution Club. This was just the beginning of what we want to do on campus around this case. More coming this week.



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