NY Times on Trump and Congress—Liberal Logic, Losing Strategy

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Editors note: Following is an edited version of a letter from a reader exposing the losing strategy of liberal logic in response to the fascist Trump/Pence regime.

This recent New York Times editorial, “Donald Trump Shows a New Level of Contempt for Congress”, exposes Trump's complete refusal to allow any Congressional oversight, invoking king-like executive privilege. It speaks to the courts being bogged down in lawsuits and counter-suits, and why the judicial branch won't be a meaningful check on Trump in any immediate way.

As the editorial moves towards a conclusion about what they think should happen, they write: “The process will grind on, as it must, if Congress is to demand any sort of accountability from a president intent on undermining its authority.” Note: “Grind On...”—meanwhile, all the actions of the Trump administration which the Times decries go on.

But, then the Times concludes their main editorial with this: "… in declaring war on congressional oversight, Trump is not looking to maintain a balance of powers. He is looking to blow up the scales." [emphasis ours]

Now that’s TRUE... From the perspective of the “norms” of bourgeois democracy, they sound an alarm. But to what end? Where are we left by the NYT? With Congress grinding on while concentration camps on the border fill up and the planet heats up.  

A perfect illustration of a LOSING STRATEGY and their VACILLATION, FEAR AND TREPIDATION of unleashing and mobilizing masses of people to take to the streets against this fascist regime and drive it out. This reveals that it's in the very nature of the liberal wing of the ruling class (as represented here by the New York Times and the Democratic Party) when confronted by the face of fascism—to try and use the norms of bourgeois democracy to oppose Trump, while Trump is busy shattering all those very norms. 

Watch this clip from a Q&A with Bob Avakian to find out why we can’t rely on the Democrats to stop fascism, what that has to do with the system the Democrats and Republicans BOTH represent, and why IT'S ON US to rise up and stop this fascist nightmare through mass noniviolent sustained protest to stop this fascism and to get organized now to prepare for an actual revolution when we can overthrow this whole damn system. 

Is There Going to Be a Civil War Between Republicans and Democrats?

From a Talk by Bob Avakian: Why We Need An Actual Revolution And How We Can Really Make Revolution.


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