A Speaking Event by the National Revolution Tour
UCLA May 20, 7 PM

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Tala Deloria and Lenny Wolff talk about The National Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution Tour, and about the May 20 speaking event at UCLA on The Michael Slate Show

Statement from student on “Why I am coming”

I’m going to the event on Monday because I don’t have the answers. The world faces many multifaceted problems and sadly, our societies and governments haven’t kept up and addressed them, or don’t want to address them because it isn’t to the benefit of those in power. I don’t have the answers on how to end global warming, I’m not even sure it can be ended or be reversed. I’m not sure if racism, poverty, or injustice can be solved, but I know we have to try. We are in a new era of global problems, and we shouldn’t be fighting ourselves because the real enemy of our species is time, but how do we get people to realize that or begin to solve the logistics of it? I don’t have the answers, but the first steps for anyone who cares are to seek them, struggle internally with the possibilities, voice out their struggles amongst others, challenge their current beliefs or dare to be challenged, and take action, no matter how small. I think this event will give me and anyone who attends those opportunities. I am going because I care enough to seek answers, and I think this event will help me get closer to them.


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