As Trump Talks of Pardoning More U.S. War Criminals

Revolutionary Vets Condemn U.S. War Crimes—
“It's about all the people of the planet”



As we post this, Donald Trump is reportedly considering issuing presidential pardons for several U.S. soldiers and military contractors convicted or accused of committing war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. Earlier this month, he already pardoned one war criminal, an Army lieutenant who tortured and executed an Iraqi detainee. There have been only a few American troops convicted of war crimes, even as the U.S. military has carried out murder, torture, and other crimes on a massive scale in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere. But the moves to exonerate even those few convicted war criminals are a part of how the Trump/Pence regime is shattering the previous “norms” of U.S. imperialism—and setting new fascist norms with blanket condoning of war crimes that would give an official green light for U.S. forces to carry out horrors against the people of the world on a whole other level.

In light of this, we are running the following letter from a member of the Revolution Club, Los Angeles, and reposting a piece from a Vietnam War vet.

From a member of the Revolution Club, LA:
Breaking with Patriotism and Revenge

I recently learned that Trump had pardoned a prior U.S. military member. This pardonee was convicted for the murder of an Iraqi, who was suspected of killing U.S. military members. This got me thinking, because I was in the same military unit at the same time as all of this took place.

I remember thinking (around the time the killing of the Iraqi came to light): that myself and others should be upholding this execution. My reasoning was: that the death was justified (by getting revenge). I now think about this and realize: how that kind of thinking can only serve to keep things the way they are.

I ask myself why I took up those ideas and understand: that this was part of the us versus them mentality that is necessary in order to justify all of these wars for empire. I write this to let others who are trying to process all that comes along with having been part of the U.S. war machine, that there is a way to get back on the right path. The first step is to get into this website, then start asking questions from those who are associated with the work being done through it, and then put yourself to the task of getting involved as well. Because: it is not just about you, but about all the people of the planet. There is much more to lay out in order to better understand, but you have to begin and go from there.



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