Around the Country on June 4…
People in the Streets, Raising Bloody Hell to Demand: Stop the War on Women! Abortion on Demand and Without Apology!



  Los Angeles









  New York


Times Square, NYC

Agitating outside Revolution Books in Harlem: "Sisters! Donald Trump wants to steal your right to control your body. Come in here!"


  San Francisco


Marching in Westfield Mall




















There is a vicious war on women going on in this country, focused on attacks on the crucial right to abortion. Extreme anti-abortion laws are being passed, with different states passing draconian bans meant to challenge Roe v. Wade and the right to abortion nationally. Women are being demonized and called “murderers” for deciding when and whether to have children. The laws being enacted are not just “going back” but are much more severe—including criminal sentences for women who have abortions and people who provide them. At the same time, this war is not being treated as such—people have been relying on politicians and judges for 50 years, while the attacks on abortion have mounted.

The National Revolution Tour issued a call for “everyone who refuses to accept this violent, Dark Ages assault on women to stand up now and fight to stop these bans. Take to the streets on Tuesday, June 4 across this country. Wear bloody pants and heavy chains to dramatize the future being imposed on women.”

The call for these actions on June 4 was part of building toward the upcoming June 8-9 weekend in Los Angeles. As the call said: “We need an actual revolution to fully and finally emancipate women, one half of humanity. We, the National Revolution Tour, are organizing now to get in position to make this revolution and are taking up this fight as an essential part of that. Join us on Tuesday in the streets and the public square to defend this right.”

The call from the National Revolution Tour was taken up by Revolution Clubs, Refuse Fascism activists, and others in cites from Los Angeles to Chicago to New York City and elsewhere. On this page are some sights and sounds from the day and night of actions on June 4.



June 1: The crowd at Les Mis at Pantages in Los Angeles applauded wildly as @revclub_la @SunsaraTaylor and the National Revolution Tour stood up for abortion rights and called people to the streets June 4. #revolutionnothingless


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