“Feeling of a force set and determined to not just overthrow the system but a transformation of society as a whole”

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Editors' note: We received this correspondence from a reader who had come to Los Angeles from out of town on the weekend of June 8-9 to be part of the bringing forward onto the scene of a beginning force for an actual revolution:

I know this report back is late but I thought it was important to share nonetheless.

Coming to LA to be part of this weekend, starting off seeing old comrades, meeting new ones, some people just stepping into this from all the work that the clubs and the Tour has done, we’re coming together for marching drills, setting up the trucks and vans and cars and doing orientation. At Crenshaw and Slauson I see the Marathon clothing store for the first time and thinking that people came from all over to see the store. And here we are with Revolution and the possibility of a better world, beyond the way the system pits people against each other and has people thinking and the way Nipsey was taken out. We had the attention of the whole parking lot people asking how can they join, get shirts and what’s this about. Some people were inspired by what the newer members were saying to join and put on shirts on the spot, others were curious and listening intently nodding along. We march out and load up onto the trucks, vans and cars caravanning, chanting and getting out flyers, people are coming out of storefronts cheering and chanting along with this pumping their fists in the air.

When we marched in the Florence and Normandie, Joe Veale give a powerful speech about the rebellion then and being a Black Panther but not having science, strategy BA has developed now.

When we march to 77th [LAPD police precinct in South Central] I’ll admit I was a little nervous just thinking about what the police do and get away with, and here we come to crash their 150th year celebration of brutality and murder. We get there several people that followed us down and put on [Revolution—Nothing Less!] shirts to stand with us against the 77th. That speech Noche gives exposing what’s being celebrated for 150 years here and the Declarations everyone in the crowd was part of. When the five flags and the 5 Stops come out the message that’s sent by burning all 5 rags was incredible feeling of a force set and determined to not just overthrow the system but a transformation of society as a whole.


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