On July 4, Revolutionaries Will Burn the American Flag at the U.S./Mexico Border

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For Immediate Release: July 2, 2019
Contact: Los Angeles Revolution Club, 323-424-6687

The Revolution Club will hold an “Imagine a world without America” ceremony at 4 pm on July 4, at the border wall in San Ysidro next to the Virginia Avenue Transit Center.

As the Border Patrol tortures migrant children and boasts about it on social media, the Revolution Club will burn the American flag at the U.S./Mexico border declaring its intention to bring this system down at the soonest possible time.

Rafael Kadaris from the Revolution Club said, “We're going to burn this blood-soaked imperialist rag. America was never great. It was built on slavery, genocide of the Native people, and theft of land from Mexico. We are fighting for a world without America and everything it stands for and does in the world today!”

Speaking of the Pro-Publica exposé of the CBP's private Facebook group, Kadaris went on, “This exposes their vile and fascist nature, backed up and unleashed by the fascist jackal in the White House, Donald Trump.”

In response to comments by Mark Morgan, Trump’s new appointee to head CBP, Kadaris said, “Mark Morgan is a Nazi and the CBP is a modern-day SS organization.”

Addressing the bipartisan $4.6 billion “emergency border aid” bill passed by Congress that contains practically no protections for the migrant children it is supposedly aimed to rescue, Kadaris said, “The U.S. has militarily and economically ravaged Central America and Mexico for over 100 years, and is the number one source of climate change which is driving people from their homelands. Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats have any answer to the migration crisis their system has created, besides walls and ‘border security’ to make this country into a gated community. The real choice isn’t Democrat or Republican. It’s whether we are going to allow this system to continue destroying people’s lives all over the world, or get organized for an actual revolution.”

The flag-burning at the border is one of several actions taking place at symbolic locations across the country, envisioning a radically different future without imperialism, exploitation and oppression: “Imagine a World Without America.” 

Gregory “Joey” Johnson said he'll be in DC, where Trump is holding a “Salute to America,” to help make sure a flag burns there to “unmistakably challenge and expose Trump's whole fascist regime and agenda.” Johnson became famous through his 1989 Supreme Court case (Texas v Johnson) which established the Constitutional right to burn the American flag in protest, and he recently won a $225,000 legal settlement from the city of Cleveland stemming from his 2016 arrest for burning an American flag at the Republican National Convention as Trump was being nominated.

Interviews available in Spanish and English.


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