July 6 and 7 

Kick-off for a Summer of Fundraising for the Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution Tour

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From a reader:

The Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution Tour is expanding out from Los Angeles with Chicago as its next major stop. The work of the Tour in Los Angeles has begun to change the political terrain so that Revolution is being put on the map, aiming to influence millions, bringing people the science, the strategy and the leadership of Bob Avakian for an actual revolution and a whole different way the world could be. There is a force that is organizing for an actual overthrow of this system, and this has begun to make its mark, even if initial. This makes a big difference in what people see as possible, attracting and giving hope to many new forces just hearing about this who have really had enough of the ways this system is doing people here and all over the world and are stepping in to be part of the movement for revolution. 

But this is just a beginning, with much more that needs to be done. Initial fundraising enabled the first leg of the Tour to start this process, but we need to make this nationally known and have much greater nationwide impact as we travel through the different parts of this country. 

Major funds are needed now to support the work of the National Tour—with its upcoming focus in Chicago and while spreading through and impacting all of society.

The Tour has already made short trips to different cities where people have stood up, like Memphis; Ft. Sill, Oklahoma; and Sacramento and Vallejo, California. Tour members and others will be in Washington, DC, on July 4, as well as at the U.S.-Mexico border, torching the hated symbol of the U.S. flag to project and bring home the message “Imagine a World Without America” and “This system cannot be reformed, it must be overthrown.”

This National Movement for Revolution has to find expression—spreading revolution and influencing millions, organizing thousands into the revolution, all this stitched together and further amplified on social media and on the web more generally, reaching everyone across the country who yearns for a radically different and better world, and organizing them into the Revolution.

Saturday, July 6—Organize outdoor picnics or indoor gatherings to raise funds for this Tour. This is a way that we can bring together all those who have already been following the progress of this Revolution Tour with many new people. There are already thousands who have been drawn into the work of this Tour in ways big and small, and there are many thousands more who need to find out about the breakthroughs being made with this Tour and give their support.

Sunday, July 7—There will be a livestream from the Tour, giving people a living sense of how this Tour has begun to change the political terrain in this country, putting this Revolution on the map for millions. And bringing them the ways they can become part of this movement for revolution right now, wherever they are located. (Stay tuned at revcom.us for more on the livestream.)

We are calling on people to take up the needs of the Tour—support for the volunteers who have left their homes, lives, jobs, school to carry out the Mission of the Tour—financing travel, housing, food, major publicity, nationwide outreach in different forms. All of this takes money. Raising funds for the Tour is one important way that people can step in and be part of putting this Revolution on the map.

We need to raise $50,000 by the end of August, and $20,000 by the end of July.  

Get everyone involved, bringing their creativity and energy to make bold plans and goals for the many different ways—big and small—that money can be raised from all kinds of people so that they too can be part of achieving the goals of this Tour.



Los Angeles, June 8, 2019


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