A Thank You from the Revolution Tour to Those Who Donated

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Dear Donor,

We want to acknowledge your donation to the National Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution Tour. Your donation, with those of others, plays a crucial role in making it possible for people to not only dream of a different world and a way forward out of the horrors we find ourselves confronting today, but to actively get into working for that. Your donation enables thousands to hear about the causes of what humanity endures and the possibility of revolution—thousands who otherwise would not have heard of it. Your donation enables hundreds of thousands to make the acquaintance of a leader, Bob Avakian, who combines in a really unprecedented way a deep scientific grasp of the problem and solution with a poetic spirit and a real and deep connection with the masses of people. Your donation makes possible the activity of the people who have left everything to go around the country spreading the word—people you can “meet” through watching the livestreams on revcom.us. These people, young and old, are organizing people to grapple with the serious questions facing humanity and facing revolution—to go to work on them, with leadership, in a real way.

In short, your donation spreads hope—on a solid scientific foundation.

All this must be scaled up in the next few months. We are not operating in—humanity is not confronting—a static situation; things are rapidly becoming more repressive as the fascists in the White House move with greater vitriol and heightened force to clamp their regime into place. The thousands and hundreds of thousands reached today must become millions and tens of millions tomorrow. And it is your continued support which will make this possible.

In the spirit of a new world and the emancipation of humanity, we thank you.

The National Revolution Tour

We are making this thank-you letter to donors available to download (Word).



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