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Brief snap from a member of the National Revolution Tour

This past Thursday, we did a Facebook Live session hosted by members of the Revolution Tour with special guest Raymond Lotta. Building for the Friday climate-strike student walkouts, among other things, we wanted to get into why the system of capitalism-imperialism is a mortal straitjacket on humanity's ability to work on the dire emergency of global warming, why an actual revolution poses the only hope, and what would become possible with a genuinely socialist society. We learned a lot, and strongly encourage everyone to watch excerpts from a presentation by Raymond Lotta on this below:

The call to continue the climate strike internationally were quantitatively a disappointment here in New York City, especially in light of and following the massive manifestation from the week before. We are in the process of active social investigation to understand further why, and how to crack the obstacles that stand in the way of something that is much needed. In building for this among the high school students in NYC, it was clear that even while their awareness of global warming as an existential threat to the planet, and the need to act was strong, the lack of an “official” green-light from the educational authorities was an obstacle and deterrent, facing punitive measures. Many students also understood that “one-offs” were not sufficient given the lack of any meaningful response from the powers-that-be. Yet, this did not result in manifesting on the streets, even though there were walkouts involving hundreds of thousands elsewhere in the world.

In this context, we ask revcom.us readers to think about and write to us at revolution.report@yahoo.com: What are the obstacles to the people, especially youth, getting onto the streets for what are existential crises facing humanity, and how do we work to break them down for what IS needed? What are the obstacles to youth defying and rebelling against authority that stand in the way of their acting in the interests of humanity?

Montreal, Canada, September 27

Santiago, Chile, September 27

New York City, September 27


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September 20: Climate Strike Worldwide

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